Ira Losco’s tips for new and expecting mothers

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Ira is back in business, even though it never really felt like she was gone. One of Malta’s best performers and singer-songwriters has made her return to the music scene following the birth of her son Harry. As Mother’s Day approaches, Ira Losco will be celebrating this day for the first time as a new mum. Before she went on stage for the Europe Day Music Club Session, a concert with the European Union Youth Orchestra as part of the EU Presidency events happening in Malta, we caught up with Ira to gage some great tips for both new and expecting mothers.

So in her own words, here is what Ira has to say based on her own experience as a working mum!

Plan in advance for every eventuality

This was definitely the toughest challenge I found during Harry’s first few months. I was working right up until two weeks before the birth, and I’ve always been used to having a day full of things to do. Pausing all this to prepare for the birth was natural but not so straight-forward. It was difficult to adjust to caring for my son 24/7, but planning as much as I could eventually helped me get back to my routine, and made me appreciate my time with Harry even more. I would definitely advise reading up in advance and attending the suggested courses.

Keep a shared calendar

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Balancing everything is tough. What has worked for me in managing my time effectively is planning the week in advance. Everything goes in a shared calendar with my partner, my family and my manager. That way, I can be sure I don’t miss out on anything important, but at the same time avoid being bombarded with many things at the same time. To me, procrastination is a thing of the past now. In fact, my motto is ‘never leave till tomorrow that which you can do today’. With a shared calendar, you will end up with more free time than expected!

Meditate and take your time

Transitioning back into your busy working routine can be quite daunting. Not letting go completely helps this transition be much smoother. Switching off for a short period is good, but not totally severing ties with your career commitments. I find that daily meditation can facilitate focusing on your everyday tasks, and will in turn help you bounce back to work more efficiently. Having a solid support system, both at work and at home, obviously helps.

Surround yourself with experienced parents

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Many of us struggle to tune in to our new role as parents, and that is perfectly normal. So I would suggest surrounding yourself with people who have already experienced being parents, and whose advice you truly trust. It is especially consoling to hear others’ experiences and realise that every parent goes through rough patches, because that way you no longer feel as alone.

Be open to help from others

No one really prepares you for motherhood. It’s not all rosy. Having a child is a miracle, but it’s also a daunting experience that some of us aren’t ready for from the get go. I myself suffered from baby blues and many fairly depressing moments. I blame this on the multiple sudden changes I had to go through last year, and of course those raging hormones! I know I’m not the only parent to have gone through this, which is why it’s so important to be open to others’ help whenever you need it. You shouldn’t endure trials and tribulations of motherhood or fatherhood alone.

Don’t forget about yourself

It’s OK to feel overwhelmed as a parent. I myself had a very difficult time adjusting to my new role as a mother for the first few months. Having to continuously switch from being a mother to your other roles truly is a balancing act. But always remember who you are at your core. It’s not impossible to adjust, and it obviously takes time as does everything else in life. Just give yourself as much time as you need to settle back into your routine, together with your new bundle of joy.


Ira admitted to us that she doesn’t consider herself to be an expert, but her tips can surely be of help to all mummies out there. If she can do it, then so can you!

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Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Yellow!

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