7 Easy Craft Ideas for Easter

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Most of us love decorating our homes for Christmas, but what about Easter? Even though it’s shorter than the Christmas season, it’s also a time worth celebrating (even if just for the abundance of food and chocolate treats). Since there isn’t much of a variety in the market when it comes to Easter decorations, here are 7 fun and creative craft ideas you can try out yourself. These can also be perfect as activities to do with your kids during the Easter holidays!


Wooden spoon bunnies

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Kitchen utensils are probably not the first kind of Easter decoration that would come to mind, but these wooden spoon bunnies are absolutely adorable! All you need are goggly eyes, different pieces of felt and a dose of imagination. Just be careful not to use the decorated spoons whilst cooking your Easter Sunday lunch by mistake.


Eggs with colourful feathers

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Easter decorations can be simple yet aesthetically-pleasing, and you can decorate eggs with anything you want. This idea of using coloured feathers is definitely very vibrant and original, and especially fitting if you want to keep your Easter decorations minimal and modern. And not to worry, you don’t need to use actual eggs for this kind of craft idea. You can find styrofoam egg shapes of various sizes, which can be decorated and painted on in any way imaginable, making this an activity ideal for young children to unleash their creativity.


Eggshell candles

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Light up your Easter evenings with these cute candles placed in painted eggshells. Place a 10cm wick in the eggshells, and use wooden skewers to hold them up. Then carefully pour wax into the eggshells and let them dry for a few hours, following which you can remove the skewers and trim the wick. You can place the finished candles in your own choice of candle holders or, to keep with the Easter theme, in some ceramic egg cups.


Colourful eggs with inspirational phrases

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Instead of just painting or decorating styrofoam eggs, you can turn them into a thoughtful Easter gift for your family members or friends by painting inspirational and encouraging messages onto them. As for painting them without using paints and brushes, have a look at the video above!


Origami rabbits

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There are plenty of different ways of magically folding paper into rabbit-related creations. If you’ve always wanted to dabble in some origami crafting during your free time, Easter might be the perfect excuse! Tutorials of varying difficulties are extremely easy to find and follow from books or YouTube videos.


Bunny vase

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If you’re not in a position to have a rabbit as a pet, even though you’d absolutely love to, household items are the next best thing. This crafting idea merely requires an empty juice or mason jar, plenty of paint and some lovely spring flowers for the most important yet final touch. Imagine having this charming vase in the middle of your dining table during your Easter Sunday lunch!


Footprint carrots

Now this is by far the most adorable thing ever. Make Easter memories happen by involving your children and the rest of your family in this delightful craft activity. Make sure to do it just before bath time though, in case things get messy!


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