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10 ways to keep your children focused while studying

by Yellow 1022 Days

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In a world full of distractions, how can you help your children maintain focus while studying? How can you eliminate the attraction of the myriad of more interesting things to do? How can you maintain positivity and encourage your kids to work hard and get good grades?
You already know that it isn't easy. Hopefully, these 10 ways to keep your children focused while studying can help.

Explain the benefits

Explaining to your children why they need to study and 
getting them interested in education as a whole goes a long way to helping with focus during study. While they will still get bored or fed up at times, you're teaching them that studying is a part of life and not just during childhood.

Learn your child's learning style

We all learn in different ways. Some children can read and learn while others need to hear or see the lesson. Others can only take onboard information if communicated interactively or by doing. Learn what works for your children and create study time to keep your children focused while studying.

Establish a routine

We all like a routine. It helps concentrate the mind and sets expectations nice and early. Establish a specific time such as the period between coming home from school and dinner.

Manage distractions

Try to minimise distraction as much as possible. If you have 
the space, set a place aside for study where you can keep an eye on things. Make it a quiet place, away from the TV and noise.

Set rules

Enforce a ‘no phones, TVs, games consoles, tablets or computers during study time' rule. Be aware though that some study may require access to the internet.

Set an example

Depending on your own routine, study along with your children. Do your own homework, study, do household bills or just read a book.
Leading by example is a powerful motivator and will help keep your children focused while studying.

Settle physical needs

Give your children a healthy drink and a snack to help them focus while studying. A rumbling stomach, thirst or the desire for something to eat can quickly make them
loose their concentration.

Create incentives

Incentivising your children by rewarding them for studying is an incredibly powerful way to help them focus. You could offer a small incentive for the daily study like an hour on the computer and a larger one for yearly grades or exams.

Vary the topics

Depending on your child's study level, this might not be possible, but changing the topic or method of study every one or two hours can help with focus. Adding a little variety can reset focus and prolong engagement.

Make it interesting

Consider allowing friends to study with your children, or allowing them to study at the library, in the garden, at the beach or somewhere they find interesting.

Teaching your children to focus will not only help them study but also 
to cope with whatever life throws at them. It isn't just about grades, it's also about self-discipline and work ethic. Two things none of us can get by without. By using some or all of these tips, you can create a mindset that allows your children to be the best that they can be!

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