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How to encourage children to help with chores

by Yellow

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Sometimes, a pair of hands isn't enough to go around the house, especially when your children's toys are taking up the whole floor space. If you're looking to involve your kids with regards to chores, check out these 5 tips!

Make it fun

Look, at the end of the day; you're dealing with children. You have to understand the little humans you're dealing with would much rather be playing than cleaning, just like you would much rather be lying down on the sofa, relaxing. Make a game out of each chore in order to get your kids involved! Have them imagine the vacuum cleaner is a furry animal and ask them to drag their new ‘pet' around the house. Or make an easy cardboard shirt folder so that even folding clothes becomes fun!

Give rewards

We understand you don't want to teach your kids to expect something out of a good deed consistently but a little treat now and then can only serve as encouragement! If your kids are in the mood of negotiating - attach a little reward to every chore; be it money, extra time on their favourite console, or a trip to their playground of choice. What might look like a worthless €1 coin to you, is 
treasure worth working for to them!

Make it part of the daily routine

If you teach your kids to do their bed every morning, they will think nothing of it - it will become a natural instinct. Slot time in your kids' schedule every day to make the bed, sweep the floor or dust the windowsill. Of course, make sure to take things in moderation and allow them equal time to play. Leading by example will make it easier for kids to get used to this routine. If they see their heroes keeping the house clean, they'll want to follow your lead.

Make it challenging

Children get tired of things easily so make sure they feel like they're being challenged. After they reach a certain age, they'll want to feel like they're being trusted with 
adult-y tasks. If you have pets, have them fill their bowls with food and water every morning or evening. If you have an office that desperately needs a clean-up, ask them to pile your paper in stacks so you can review them later. The harder the tasks you trust your children with, the less work you'll have to do in the long run.

Let them play

We cannot stress this enough, we are totally on board the discipline train but we're strong supporters that children will be children and they should be treated as so. If you want your kids to be willing to help you and find chores to be stimulating, then you need to make sure they get their deserved time of diversion. Balance is everything after all!

Let us know how you encourage your children to help you out with chores in the comments, we're interested to hear your personal methods!

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