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5 Father's Day Gift Ideas For First-Time Or Soon-To-Be Fathers

by Karl Azzopardi

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While first-time or soon-to-be mothers merit all the attention they receive during or after their pregnancy, their partners, who share the same anxieties and excitement about their new parenting role, also deserve some love.

Raising a child is no walk in the park – though we've heard it makes for a great parent-child bonding activity – so any help you could offer a first-time or soon-to-be father will surely be appreciated. Here are some useful gifts to give any new or expecting fathers in your family or friend group this Father's Day that will give them that extra boost of confidence during this magical moment in their lives!

1. Baby Carrier

father with baby in a baby carrier

It's only fair that after 9 months of carrying the baby, mothers get a break from the heavy lifting and have the father do all the work for them – whether it's carrying mountains of baby supplies, pushchairs, baby bags or the baby itself!

Give first-time fathers or fathers-to-be a head-start with a sturdy baby carrier that will let them carry their baby everywhere they go easily and securely. This is a particularly great gift for any new fathers who compulsively worry about dropping their little bundle every time they hold it in their arms. 

Baby carriers are also known for being one of the best bonding tools for parents and their children during the early stages of life because of the way they snug babies against their parent's chest. It's like giving them a hug that lasts for hours – who wouldn't love that, really?

2. Car Organiser

baby car organiser

More often than not, most men already have a baby before actually having a baby – their car. They might not really care about keeping their living space clean or doing the laundry, but their car always looks like it has just come out of the factory. Can you imagine the stress they will feel once their real human baby arrives and their car becomes a warehouse for baby products or toys?

If you know anyone like this who will be a father soon, then there is no better gift to get them this Father's Day than a car organiser that will help the father stay organised and sane. 

3. E-reader

father with baby holding tablet

There are hundreds and thousands of baby help books out there that explain all the dos and don'ts that first-time or soon-to-be fathers should live by, and it's difficult to choose just one as a Father's Day gift. So, why not get them an e-reader instead so they can browse the whole global library for themselves and choose which ones work best for them?

E-readers are also perfect for fathers to read bedtime stories to their newborns as they rock them to sleep, helping the baby familiarise themselves with their voice. On top of that, they serve new dads with a great way to pass time if they happen to be trapped by a sleeping baby dozing off on their chest for hours.

4. Shaving Kit

shaving kit

Ever wondered how men magically start turning into Cousin Itt from The Addam's Family once they're blessed with a newborn? 

Well, there isn't much room for a trip to the barber when their schedule is packed with baby duties and a couple of hours of sleep, and it's even more impossible for first-time fathers who are still learning about the wonders of fatherhood. 

So, if they can't go to the barber, just bring the barber to them with a full-fledged shaving kit. It's an excellent gift for fathers to treat themselves to a much-needed pampering session every now and again and keep looking sharp no matter how exhausted they might actually feel inside.

5. Barbecue

father with kid barbecuing

If the first-time or soon-to-be father already has everything else on the list or if they're not something he needs, you can never go wrong with getting them one of the most iconic father start kit essentials – a barbecue!

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