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12 Wonderful Books That Will Help Your Kids Master Maltese In No Time

by Chiara Micallef

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Maltese is not the easiest language to master, especially when it comes to grammar and writing. With all those silent letters, it's easy for children (and us grown-ups) to get confused when it comes to writing. The best way to learn a language is to read it, however it is not always easy to find a selection of books in Maltese for kids of all ages.  This article is aimed at helping you find the perfect book for your child.

And let's face it, this is the perfect time to help your kids master their mother tongue.   

1. L-Istejjer tar-Ronnie

Joe Friggieri 

We all remember Ronnie and his misfortunate stories. A light read for older children who are looking for a funny book that focuses on life in Malta. Although this book was published quite a long time ago, it is still a staple classic. Most of us grew up reading L-Istejjer tar-Ronnie and Aktar Stejjer tar-Ronnie, both centering around this national antihero who everyone empathises with.

2. Is-Shahar ta' Petut: Ghand Rebus Totali

Clare Azzopardi 

Is-Shahar ta' Petut is a book series that revolves around a family of witches and wizards. It tells the story of a young witch in training that is still learning her craft. This book is illustrated in full colour throughout, making it more engaging for children who are just starting out with reading. The short chapters also help to give a better sense of accomplishment to young readers. This book comes with fonts designed specifically for dyslexic readers. 

3. Avventura f'Ghar il-Kbir 

Charles Casha

This book is not only a fun read, but it presents readers with interesting facts and information connected to the localities mentioned. Avventura f'Ghar il-Kbir is great for the budding investigators who are full of curiosity and love to solve mysteries. 

4. Kuncett u Marinton

Trevor Zahra 

This amusing book is a fond memory from our childhood, Kuncett u Marinton are two spinster sisters who are constantly at each other's throats. This book is written from the point of view of a young child, giving the lovable characters a more balderdash feel to them.  

5. Il-Bawxati ta' Pietru Pitravu 

Carmel G. Cauchi

Carmel G. Cauchi is the godfather of Maltese children's books. The Pietru Pitravu series tells the story of a mischievous boy in the 1950s. Pietru Pitravu has been around for decades, however this book has never lost its charm. A truly captivating read for people of all ages. New and revised versions were recently published, complete with illustrations and language format updates. 

6. Barnuza Hamra (il-Hrejjef Magici)

Paolo Valentino


Image by Merlin Publishers 

A well known story with a twist. Chock full of familiar fairytale characters, this book tells the story of Barnuza Hamra as she is on her way to visit her grandmother. This book is full of illustrations, making it great for those who want books with pictures in them to get a better understanding of what is happening. This book is part of the Il-Hrejjef Magici series. 

7. Il-Ktieb tal-Fenek l-Ahmar

Trevor Zahra 

This adorable book is written from the point of view of a red rabbit who is a keen (and curious) observer of humans and their customs. This book also forms part of a series – the acclaimed Hrejjef minn Wied Peprina by Zahra.

8. Id-Dar ta' Faccata

Carmel Borg

This book centres around a very scary reality – the overdevelopment in Malta and the fixation with demolition to make way for towering blocks of concrete. This book shows an appreciation for nature and lush greenery, and tells the story of a once beautiful view being turned into a monstrous concrete structure. Illustrated by the wonderful Steve Bonello, this book holds a beautiful yet bittersweet lesson that gives children the ability to understand these actions and their impact on their future. 

9. Ir-Re Pankrazju Jaghlaq Mitt Sena

Clare Azzopardi

This book won il-Premju Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb and is part of a series revolving around magical adventures. Complete with beautiful illustrations by Mark Scicluna, one can easily see why this attention-grabbing book is a great read for children.


10. Lisa u l-Kejkovoru

James Benoit/Loranne Vella

This book is perfect for early starters who are still learning Maltese. It is marked as a first-level reading book, meaning that it's in line with the Ladybird Read with Me series. This story centres around a little girl and a monster who ate her candy – a much relatable story for kids with older siblings. 

11. Fra Mudest

Charles Casha

Fra Mudest is another Maltese classic that almost everyone remembers shuffling through. This series is over 40 years old, however it is still going strong. Fra Mudest has been a household name ever since it was first published thanks to his antics. The book series recently got a makeover, making it easier for children as young as 7 to read. You can also find special versions of this book for children with reading difficulties. 

12 Lupu Lupettu Jzur il-Foresta tal-Hrejjef 

Orianne Lallemand

Lupu Lupettu is a favourite for most children these days. This lovable wolf is constantly getting himself into the strangest of adventures. The book has other familiar characters in it, like Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs. The Lupu Lupettu Series is made up of prettily illustrated pictures, big fonts and moral lessons, making it ideal for children under the age of seven. 


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