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6 Ways To Spend Your Public Holiday

by Yellow

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We all look forward to a public holiday. For those lucky enough not to be working on these days, they provide a welcome break. A day to slow down and relax, or to get active and enjoy time outdoors.Some people know how they'll be spending the day weeks in advance, planning trips abroad or long weekend-breaks. Others, however, wake up with no clue what to do. Whether you prefer a quiet day, or want to go for something more exciting, here are 6 ways to make the most of your public holiday.

Spend time in the sun

With the alarm clock off, it may be tempting to spend your morning in bed. But if you manage to tear yourself from your sheets, you won't regret it. Make the most of the day and head to your favourite beach. You could also try out a new bay. Just keep in mind that many people will be flocking to the shoreline on a public holiday. So, if you prefer going to the beach when there are less crowds, you could book a day at a lido or beach club.

Catch up with life
For some, the definition of relaxing is crossing things off their mental to-do list. Public holidays offer a bonus 24 hours to do just that. Be it spring cleaning or grocery shopping, you can use this day to do what needs to be done, at a relaxed pace. Of course there's the option of splitting your day. Start your day by getting things done. Then reward yourself with a great afternoon - with nothing on your mind.

Enjoy mingling

Most people are happy to not be at work on a public holiday - which makes these days great at putting people in good moods. Enjoy this positive vibe and organise something that involves others. How about a lunch with friends or family? Or, depending on the weather, organise a picnic in the countryside, a day at the beach, a treasure hunt, or simply head to the movies. There's a lot you can do as a group.

Enjoy quiet time
If you live life at a hectic pace, a public holiday is like an oasis of calm in a sea full of chaos. We all need some quiet time. Whether this means spending the day at home reading, or going out for a walk or a jog, this me-time will help recharge your mind. Just need to keep one thing in mind - it's OK to spend idle time. No, you're not wasting your day. You're choosing yourself over everything else, just for once.

Do what you love

How many times have you told yourself that you really wish you had time for your hobby? Or that you'd love to start a project but never find the time for it? Well, now you do. Public holidays are perfect for this. They slow down your busy week to give you time to focus on what you love doing - be it baking or abseiling. All you need is the determination to make it happen.

Get adventurous
You'd be amazed at how much of Malta and Gozo you've never seen. So why not turn yourself into a tourist for the day and go visit a place you've never been to? Or perhaps one you've been to years ago and have been dying to revisit? You could explore the country's history by visiting a museum or heritage site. You could indulge in breathtaking scenery and join a sightseeing tour, or simply drive around the island, and stop for a coffee or an ice cream.

Whether you opt for a calm day or head out into the great outdoors, a good book is a must-have on a day when you'll finally have time for some relaxed reading.
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