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Trendiest Toys for Christmas 2019

by Teresa Borg

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Christmas is approaching fast and Santa will soon be coming to town. You've probably already started mulling over the possible gifts your kids may be expecting this holiday season. Does your child seem to own everything? Is his room already overflowing with toys?  Worry not! Discover the hottest toy releases which are making a hit this Christmas. From collectible dolls, STEM toys, interactive animals and family games, we have chosen the most affordable, but innovative gifts which will make your kid's eyes light up when he tears open the wrapping paper. Here are our top 20 choices for Christmas 2019: 

1. Blume Dolls

Age: 5+

Who would have ever imagined dolls growing inside a flower pot? The Blume Dolls are unique collectible dolls which are definitely out of the ordinary. You water your pot and a surprise doll is revealed, together with other surprises including stickers and fashion accessories. All dolls come with one-of-a-kind outfits and hairdos which are interchangeable.

2. Owleez

Age: 6+

Owleez is the new interactive toy pet your child will treasure. With over 100 sounds and movements, you can pet this baby owl, put it to sleep, feed it toy berries and make it dance. Eventually, after a lot of practice, it will also learn how to fly. At night you can put it in its USB-rechargeable nest for a good night's sleep prior to a new day of activities.

3. Alien Slime Lab

Age: 6 +

You can never go wrong with slime; kids love its squishy texture. This fun science kit provides kids with all the necessary supplies to experiment with different types of slime and pinpoint the special properties underlying each piece of alien slime. This lab station will definitely enhance your kids' scientific side.

4. Linkimals Smooth Moves sloth

Age: 9 months +

A fun baby learning toy, this interactive sloth nods, claps, dances, plays music and speaks phrases which can teach your baby numbers, colours and opposites. When you buy more than one linkimal, they can even sing a melody together. Babies will definitely be amused by this sloth and it will help them develop crucial skills.

5. Pictionary Air

Age: 8+

This classic board game is back with a twist. Discard the piles of paper, download the free Pictionary Air app and draw in the air while your team sees the image being drawn on their screen. The app camera would need to be facing the illustrator for it to work properly. Get your teams together for this fun-packed game and start firing your guesses.

6. Geo Safari Junior Talking Microscope

Age: 4+

Kids are fascinated by everything that goes on in the wild. This is why this talking microscope will be a hit with all kids. Consisting of 20 slides with 60 intriguing specimens of insects, animals and plants, kids will learn a lot of interesting facts while listening to the voice of Bindi Irwin- a well-known wildlife conservationist. The microscope also boasts a quiz setting.

7. Lego Make your Own Movie

Age: 8+

As a favourite brand amongst all kids, LEGO never disappoints. This 'Make your own Movie' edition provides kids with an array of characters, props and scenery which they can use to make their own stories from their imagination. Complete with step-by-step instructions and mini movie examples, LEGO provides you with various ideas on how to get started and will inspire your kids to spark their creativity.

8. Scruff-A-Luvs Family Pack

Age: 2+

Kids love the idea of going to the rescue. This toy allows your child to rescue surprise pets, wash, dry and brush them, and warm their hearts. Once warm, you'll discover which animal is waiting to be revealed; be it a puppy, kitten or a bunny. How many babies will this family pack edition have? Will they be boys or girls? Several surprises await inside!

9. Baby Shark Puppets

Age: 2+

2019 has been the Baby Shark year. Kids from all over the world have been singing this catchy song for months on end and there's no stopping it. These singing sharks will surely thrill your kids, especially because the puppets play the song in parallel to your hand movements. The tempo is in their hands: faster movements mean faster tempos. You can even organise a puppet show when you buy each and every family member.

10. L.O.L. Surprise OMG Crystal Star

Age: 6+

Kids have fallen head over heels for L.O.L dolls. These collectible mini dolls are full of surprises and are much-loved by youngsters. Out of the wide range of L.O.L toys to choose from, this 2019 collector-edition doll is one you shouldn't miss. Crystal-covered from head to toe, this winter disco-themed shimmery doll would make a truly special gift.

11. Hatchimals

Age: 5+

Seeing an animal hatch is as exciting as you'd imagine it to be, and the hatchimals series are full of surprises. They're fully-responsive, interactive animals that eat, burb, get tickly, and the more you play with them, the more they grow and enhance their responsiveness after hatching. Will you hatch a boy or a girl? Different playsets offer varying surprises. What you get from a baby dragon will be different from what a llama will display.

12. Go Glam Nail Stamper

Age: 8+

Every girl would love a DIY nail kit and the Go Glam Nail Stamper doesn't disappoint. With 5 nail patterns to choose from, you can mix and match as you like and paint your nails in mere minutes. Your kid will enjoy up to 125 custom manicures.

13. Frozen 2 Elsa Musical Doll

Age: 3+

Frozen, the famous Walt Disney movie released way back in 2013, is back with its much-awaited sequel. With Frozen II coming to our screens in November, your child must be getting as excited as ever. This unique musical doll speaks 14 film phrases and sings 'Into the Unknown' - a new song from the second movie which is expected to be a hit.

14. Osmo Detective Agency

Age: 5+

As a mystery game which enables fun learning, this fascinating game will broaden your kids' horizons. By using a magnifying glass to search for landmarks around the world, children will start exploring the world's vibrant history, culture and geography, which can in turn give their general knowledge a boost.

15. GraviTrax

Age: 8+

Interactive race tracks which can be customised to propel a marble ball to the finish line- this is what defines the STEM toy GraviTrax. With over 100 parts to experiment with, your kids will start getting hands-on learning on gravity, magnetism and kinetics.

16. Juno My Baby Elephant

Age: 5+

This loving toy elephant is gaining more and more popularity, and with good reason. Boasting more than 100 movements and sounds and a little mouse friend, the number of tricks this elephant can do is boundless. Fully interactive, your kid will enjoy playing games with Juno and seeing him learn more as time goes by.

17. Crayola Super Art Colouring Kit

Age: 5+

One tub filled to the brim with crayons, glitter and construction crayons, markers, coloured pencils, colouring pages and construction paper, glue stick and coloured chalk. What more can a child ask for? This portable organised kit can be taken anywhere they go in the most convenient way possible.

18. Candylocks

Age: 5+

Scented dolls with hair 15 inches long. Yes, you read that right! These collectible dolls are loved so much because what you can do with their hair is without limit. Various accessories are provided with these one-of-a-kind dolls to help kids twist and twirl their long scented locks in unique ways.

19. Mighty Roar Simba

Age: 4+

With the mighty return of Lion King comes this interactive Simba toy. Boasting 100 varying motions, sounds and movie phrases, your kids will love this cherished character from this much anticipated movie.

20. Rainbow Gummy Candy Lab

Age: 6+

Kids creating their own sweets? It doesn't get more excited than this. This scientific kit will enable your child to experiment with different flavours and create unicorn, cloud and rainbow-shaped gummies. All the ingredients you may need to create these fun and yummy treats are in the box.

Who says that shopping for Christmas gifts is a headache? We've compiled the latest, most innovative toys here, and this is the only toy guide you need this Christmas to get your gifts in order.

Visit the range of toy shops in Malta and Gozo to find the best toys for your kids and take joy in seeing the broad smiles your kids will give you when they unwrap their gifts.

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