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Ready, Set, Go: How To Survive The January Sales Without Going Nuts

by Chiara Micallef

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January Sales are known for their bargain-basement prices, as most stores offer huge discounts. Some stores also start out early on with these sales – either on Boxing Day or New Year's Day. So whether you are looking to bag a bargain, or you are on the lookout for a quick pick-me-up for your post-Christmas blues, a visit to the store (both physical or online)  is sure to present you with a new wardrobe, slick electronics or whatever it is that you are yearning for.

How it All Began 

The January Sales started taking place back in the 19th century in Philadelphia, when a department store steeply discounted all of its merchandise, calling the event the White Sale. The idea behind this strategy was to increase the sales during January – an infamously low-on-sales season during the year at the time.

How To Navigate Through The January Sales Like A Pro

1. Set A Budget

Setting a budget will keep you away from over-spending this January. You can start saving up money over the holidays – just in case you break your budget during the sales. 

2. Make A List

Making a list before you go shopping will help you keep track of how much money you spend and whether or not you really need the items you get your hands on. Do you really need that eleventh pair of jeans? Make a mental note of anything you might need over the Christmas period and hold off on spending till the sales are officially launched. 

3. Resist Window Shopping 

Bargains are pretty hard to avoid if you are window shopping, so it might be wise for you to steer clear of it. You may feel like you're struggling to avoid splurging your cash on any items which you do not really need when indulging in it. 

4. Double Check And Compare Prices

Even if something is at 80% off, it does not mean that it's reasonably priced. Do not give in to the mania of purchasing things that are still overly expensive – no matter what the markdown on them is. You might find the same item at a cheaper price elsewhere.

5. Avoid Impulse-Buying

Even if that highlighter green and yellow tartan print vest with an LED-lit collar is at 90% off, it doesn't mean that you need it – or that you're going to wear it. Stick to your list and avoid buying stuff for the sake of buying it. You'll end taking up space in your home for things that you actually need – which brings us to the next point. 

6. Check If Refunds Are Available 

If you did not heed our advice and went ahead and purchased that highlighter green tartan print vest with an LED-lit collar, do yourself a favour before paying for it – check that it's returnable. Most shops offer refunds on items during the sale period, so if you are not 100% sure about your purchase, make sure that the retailer will present you with either a refund or a return coupon.

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