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Through the use of business blog posts, Yellow Tips aims to provide useful and informative tips to employers and employees, managers and freelancers, CEOs and junior executives. This category tackles a wide range of blog posts, from basics such as the importance of team building, to how to select the right candidate for a job and lists of documents needed when setting up a company. Whatever your role in a company might be, these business blog posts are bound to help you improve and grow in your area of work. Our aim is to make your life easier and give the answers you day-to-day questions by giving you useful content.

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How to recruit the right person

Nowadays, competition between jobseekers is fiercer than ever as people become better qualified in the areas they want to specialise in. As an employer, you want to make sure that whoever…

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Improve your business writing

Do you have an idea or message you need to communicate to your colleagues, bosses, or customers? Effective communication skills are key in a world overrun by social media. While…