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Through the use of business blog posts, Yellow Tips aims to provide useful and informative tips to employers and employees, managers and freelancers, CEOs and junior executives. This category tackles a wide range of blog posts, from basics such as the importance of team building, to how to select the right candidate for a job and lists of documents needed when setting up a company. Whatever your role in a company might be, these business blog posts are bound to help you improve and grow in your area of work. Our aim is to make your life easier and give the answers you day-to-day questions by giving you useful content.

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The importance of compiling reports

With the changing times and increasing competition, it’s important to keep your business on track with reports. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, here are 5 advantages to report compiling….

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How to keep your customers happy

Your clients are what keeps your business going. If your customers have been unhappy with your performance lately, follow these 5 tips to bring them happiness. Interact Your clients want…

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5 rules to be a successful manager

Being promoted to a managerial post can be both flattering and mentally exhausting. If you wish to become a successful manager, make sure you follow these 5, straight-forward, rules. Listen…

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How to budget better

As with everything else, there are good things and bad about budgeting for small businesses. The bad news: Budgeting is one of the most overlooked aspects of financial management in…

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Refurbish your office

If you’re looking to give your old office a facelift, stay tuned to learn a few tips and tricks you should employ when rejuvenating your workplace. Your workplace may look…

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The importance of SEO

Everywhere you go in the tech world, everyone is buzzing about how important SEO is. Are you not sure what it entails? We’re here to give you the lowdown of…

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How to write a good CV

When job hunting, writing a good CV can be very stressful. Very often, employers and recruitment agencies spend a mere few minutes, if not seconds, scanning through CVs and choosing…