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Through the use of business blog posts, Yellow Tips aims to provide useful and informative tips to employers and employees, managers and freelancers, CEOs and junior executives. This category tackles a wide range of blog posts, from basics such as the importance of team building, to how to select the right candidate for a job and lists of documents needed when setting up a company. Whatever your role in a company might be, these business blog posts are bound to help you improve and grow in your area of work. Our aim is to make your life easier and give the answers you day-to-day questions by giving you useful content.

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6 ways to manage office mood hoovers

You can find mood hoovers everywhere, including at work. They are always pessimistic and critical, draining the energy out of everyone around them. We all have our bad days, but mood…

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How to introduce your team to new technology

Doing business as usual can be blissfully comfortable. But customers are constantly demanding change. Introducing new technology can increase the efficiency of any business, but it requires the whole workforce to be on board. Before…