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The activity category present on the Yellow Tips website consists of an archive of blog posts. These blog posts aim to suggest tips and ideas on activities that can be done around the islands, indoor, with friends and families. If you are out of ideas, looking for inspiration, or simply wish to find a way to keep yourself and loved ones entertained, then this is the blog section you should check. From children’s activities, to indoor dates, to camping tips and how to explore Malta like a tourist, there are plenty of blog posts that are bound to inspire you.

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7 Easy Craft Ideas for Easter

Most of us love decorating our homes for Christmas, but what about Easter? Even though it’s shorter than the Christmas season, it’s also a time worth celebrating (even if just…

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What to do this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s is right around the corner! Unsure about what to do this year round? Dinner at the same old place sounds boring? We’ve got you covered! Here are 6 activities…