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The NextWave: EY Malta's Annual Attractiveness Event 2019

by Mr Yellow

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EY Malta's Annual Attractiveness event has become a much-awaited national milestone year after year. With the 15th edition taking place on the 25th of October at the Intercontinental Arena Conference Centre in St Julians, this full-day event aims to bring together top leaders and chief experts from an array of industries. Matters regarding foreign investment trends, the local and global economy, and business operations are analysed side-by-side with emerging technologies, and the event endeavours to spark ideas about the present and future impacts technology will have on different industries.

Ditching Old Practices and Embracing Technology

With the ongoing advances in technology, predicting the future and basing business models on these predictions is no easy feat. Businesses need to stay flexible and be willing to embrace change if they wish to retain a competitive edge. Trying to keep afloat extinct business functions which used to work in the past is not feasible; your business operations must revolve around current market trends and you must be willing to challenge your perimeters. By doing so, you can ride the NextWave and take your business beyond the horizon, and beyond the limits of your imagination.

Is your business equipped and prepared to ride the NextWave of change?

This event aims to start the ball rolling and get businesses thinking about how they can transform their practices, the opportunities which await them and how they can work more effectively and in line with emerging technologies by riding the NextWave. How much businesses will be able to transform their inherent architecture may ultimately depend on the human resources they have available: their skills and passions, and their openness to change. This will determine the journey the business will take and the destination it will work towards.

About EY's Annual Attractiveness Event: Why should you attend?

Gaining popularity year after year, this 15th edition will deliver more than 1000 delegates and 50 speakers from both local and foreign, public and private sectors. Top CEOs, Government leaders, journalists, communicators, analysts, investors and game-changers from the financial, media, education, telecommunications, IT, transport, tourism and recruitment sectors, will be under one roof to share their unique specialised insights.

Through breakout sessions, live polls and Q&A sessions, delegates will be provided with the tools to share their perspectives. Moreover, a delegate pack will be provided with a complimentary tablet encompassing all the materials related to the conference.

The Agenda of the Annual Attractiveness Event: What can you expect?

  • An introduction of the NextWave concept
  • A presentation of the Malta Attractiveness survey results

During this conference EY will showcase its results of Malta's annual Attractiveness Survey. What is contributing to Malta's appeal? What are the current investment trends? What are the country's present and future prospects? Game-changing information and an up-to-date analysis related to local business and FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) will be divulged to all attendees.

  • Interviews with Hon. Dr Adrian Delia and Hon. Dr Joseph Muscat
  • Panel discussions about Malta's attractiveness for FDI, the situation of Malta in 20 years' time and Malta's vision for AI 
  • Keynote speeches by John Simpson and Alastair Campbell

As the BBC World Affairs editor, a broadcaster, author and columnist who's had extensive reporting experiences in over 120 countries, John Simpson will speak about the Future of News. Alastair Campbell, being a prominent writer, communicator and strategist, will speak about the future of Brexit. Campbell was the spokesperson of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and was campaigning in favour of the Remain side during the Brexit referendum campaign.

  • Hands-on workshops
  • A networking event after the conference where participants are given the opportunity to expand their networks while enjoying food, drinks and music.

The Workshops you will be able to attend at EY's Annual Attractiveness Event

The number of interactive and thought-provoking workshops being led by top experts in this event aim to tackle the challenges industries are currently facing and the scenarios that they may encounter in the future. The future of the below economic aspects will be tackled in separate workshops:

  • Financial services: Which new financial platforms are emerging in today's market?
  • Mobility: What awaits us in the near future? What are the future opportunities we should be considering for the transportation sector?
  • Cities: How can we become more sustainable amidst the current congestion, pollution, housing, resource and tourism concerns related to present-time urbanisation?
  • Technology: How can companies use evolving technologies to restructure their infrastructure and stay ahead of their competitors?
  • Making and trading: How are Brexit, other current global events and technology impacting the trade and manufacturing industry?
  • Work: How should businesses tackle the dilemma of keeping costs low, while simultaneously managing and retaining talent? How can you tap into technology to overcome recruitment challenges and adopt the most productive and cost-effective work practices?

The purpose of these workshops is to spark your imagination, help you explore cutting-edge ideas and aid policy makers in planning the business models for today, tomorrow, and for the future lying beyond the horizon.

How can you register for EY's Annual Attractiveness Event?

You're still in time to register for this much-anticipated event! Click here to explore more about the event, and register now. Admission fee is €290 ( including VAT) and encompasses refreshments, lunch and a complimentary tablet. Event is also accredited by the Malta Institute of Accountants. Kickoff your business transformation today!

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