5 rules to be a successful manager

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Being promoted to a managerial post can be both flattering and mentally exhausting. If you wish to become a successful manager, make sure you follow these 5, straight-forward, rules.

Listen to your employees

Your employees are the experts in their field. At the end of the day, they’re the ones who handle the dirty work and deal with clients on a daily basis. If you’re looking to improve your business or to make some changes, look to your employees for advice. Plan group meetings and discuss your goals but ultimately seek for feedback or plan appraisal meetings with your employees on an individual basis – the information you’ll get out of each employee will be worth a gold-field.

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Be a leader, not a boss

A leader leads his people to success, a boss inspires fear and hard feelings. A successful manager is always ahead of his pack, leading by example. If your employees see you working hard and punching in extra hours at work, they will feel inspired to do the same. Sitting around, pointing fingers and expecting your employees to do all the work will only lead them to resent you and dread their time in the office. So make sure you visit your employees from time to time and that you offer advice when looked to.

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Bring your team together

No matter how good of a manager you are, if your employees don’t feel comfortable working hand in hand, the job won’t get done. Check out one of our older posts in order to find out how you can increase communication between your employees and therefore encourage a more unified workplace. Organising some fun activities for you and your team is a great way to bring everyone together and break the ice!

Motivate your staff

If your employees feel like they’re getting no satisfaction from their job, they’ll understandably find no motivation to work. Make sure they have something to look forward to at the end of each day, week or month. Hold a pub crawl for your employees every month, organise a staff party every Christmas or simply give out some munchies at the end of each day.

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Don’t overwork them

At the end of the day, as a manager; you have a decision to make. Will you favor quality or quantity? If you’re looking to avoid flaws in the finished products you deliver, make sure you don’t overwork your employees. A fresh mind is always more creative and active than a tired one. Make sure your employees don’t work over a certain number of hours, give days off every now and then and hand out tasks in moderation.

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We wish you success with your new-found role!

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