How to increase communication within the office

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The workplace can resemble a marriage at times. Sometimes you get tired of the same routine and faces every day. This source of tension can be a problem when you’re looking to build a healthy relationship and maintain a productive environment. We may not be relationship experts, but we sure know what you can do to increase communication and trust in your work environment.

Open the office up

The worst thing you can have is an office space that is made up of tiny cubicles, isolating your staff from one another. This type of environment is bound to create a detachment whether the staff want it or not so break down those walls, attach desks to one another and have everyone work in one big, open, space.


Build your team’s foundations

Once the bond is built, it’s important not to let it fade away. During work hours, your staff won’t have enough time to communicate with each other, so make sure to organise some team building activities either during or after work hours. Make sure the team trusts one another and recognises each other’s skills, that will have them searching for consult from each other when working on a project.   


You can always trust social media

Create a group chat on Facebook, set up a Skype or WhatsApp chat or create a group email. As long as the team has something set up for them, they’ll be bound to communicate after work hours which will have them investing in the group dynamic. Once the group is on first name basis and feel comfortable sending emojis and gifs to each other, they’ll be comfortable asking for help and advice at work.



Go on vacation

When you constantly associate a person with an environment of stress, you will unwillingly start viewing them as a negative entity so disassociate your staff from the workplace every now and then. Head on to a travel agent, organise activities abroad and create memories the team will cherish forever. A backpack buddy will always have a special place in your heart.


Encourage teamwork

The reason why most colleges don’t converse is easy- the lack of teamwork. Most people are assigned clients of their own and therefore everyone is left to work on their own accord. If you assign a client to a group of people, they will be bound to work together and learn to trust in one another’s skills and judgement.

There you go! All your office needs is some of these fun activities and you’ll have a productive and social workforce in no time.

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