How to increase your business’ online presence

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We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, your business needs to make its stand in the online reality! We know the transition may be hard at first but the below platforms will make the process a whole lot easier.

1. Social media

If you aren’t aware of the miracles social media plays, we recommend you check out a related blog post of ours.


Facebook can make or break your business. It is the go-to platform when aiming to reach masses in Malta and not everyone will use it to shed a good light on you. Being present on Facebook will not only make you more approachable but will also let you know where your faults lay with your business.


Although Twitter hasn’t made its big break yet on our island, its relevance is growing and it is ideal when looking to connect with international celebrities or local stars. If you’re looking for a brand ambassador or for influential bloggers who are ready to review your products, Twitter may be the platform for you.


Are you a business selling furniture or home decor in general? Pinterest will give you the exposure you need. Pin picture of your products in an aesthetically-pleasing environment and watch as your customers line up and sales increase.


Instagram is ideal for promoting blogs, photography and events. Let this platform be your portfolio. Your future clients will be choosing you among the crowd for the work you will have invested in your Instagram page. So make sure it’s constantly looking spick and span!


Are you a videographer looking to find clients? Or a marketing enthusiast who wants to give their potential customers a taste of their advertising skills? Youtube is the platform for you. Receive criticism and learn how to please your audience. Expand your horizons and impress a larger spectrum of people.

2. App

Apps make your services more accessible and therefore more widely used. If you’re offering a rental service or own a cab company, apps will make your life a whole lot easier. Keep your app fresh and functional and the clients will be sure to bust in.

3. E-mail

An e-newsletter keeps your customers in the loop about the company they’re making use of. Are you running a specific promotion, have you come up with a new service? Let your clients know! Don’t let them forget your business exists.

4. Yellow

Yellow is the Maltese Google. If you want to look up for a business, Yellow is the place to be, so make sure you make use of it wisely! You don’t want all of your competitors to pop up before you on the heading you are listed on, that will only kill your chances of being found first. Contact us today to find out how to improve your business’ exposure.

5. Website

What’s better than shopping? Shopping in the comfort of your own bed. Make sure your website has a shopping portal where people can add things to their cart and look through your stock. No one wants to go all the way to a shop just to find out there isn’t what they’re looking for. Yellow, as a company, can also provide you with website solutions, so get in touch!

We hope we have converted you to our electronic ways. Let us know which platform you find most useful for your business in the comment section!

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