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How to keep your customers happy

by Yellow 525 Days

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Your clients are what keeps your business going. If your customers have been unhappy with your performance lately, follow these 5 tips to bring them happiness.


Your clients want nothing more than your acknowledgement. You know you need them to keep your business going, don't try to act otherwise. Create a Facebook page and provide your clients content to engage with. Like comments and reply to questions. Make your brand human.


Open a line especially for your clients. Let your customers call in and express their concerns about your company. Try and act on the feedback you get. Being in denial will only stagnate your progress.

Ask for input

Listening is one thing, asking your clients personally is another. When you look to your clients for advice, you're entrusting them with a level of trust. Hand out surveys manually if your clientele is an older crowd or release an online poll asking your younger audience for advice. Of course, make sure you follow through with some of the suggestions, you don't want to ignore all the feedback given to you.


Keep your clients updated about your advancements through a weekly or monthly newsletter. That way you get to explain to your clients why your phone lines were down all week and why your offices were closed down the other day. Transparency is always appreciated.


People like saving money so let them save. Offer your clientele a voucher or an opportunity to win a gift card every now and then to share your appreciation for them, with them. An offer now and then won't hurt your bank account but it might bring in more clients.

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