How to get into the festive spirit at work

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Christmas is approaching but if you’re stuck in the office 24/7 with clients ringing at your phone constantly, we can understand why the festive sensation hasn’t kicked in yet. If you’re craving the jolly feeling, here are 5 ways you can get into the festive season at work.

Rock around the Christmas Tree

You don’t have to go as far as having a Christmas tree at home, but decorating your desk may be a good idea. Hang some tinsel from the sides of your desk and equip your chair with a Christmas-themed pillow. Every time you look up from your desktop, you’ll be greeted by some festive love.

Add an element of mystery

It’s that time of the year again. Secret Santa time! Organise secret Santa in order to get your staff giggling and plotting. This activity will not only bring joy and excitement to the office but will also get your employees to learn a bit more about each other.

Make plans

Make sure you make plans with your office mates! You don’t want them thinking that co-workers should be reserved for the workplace. Organise a staff dinner or a festive treasure hunt. Let yourself view your co-workers in a positive light. They shouldn’t only be related to stress and frustration.

Adopt the Christmas diet

It’s time to get building the Christmas calories. Keep an advent calendar close at hand for your daily dose of chocolate and bake some mince pies for your co-workers. Lunch shouldn’t be the boring all sandwich anymore, allow yourself and your stomach to embrace the Christmas spirit!

Wear ugly sweaters

Come dressed in ugly sweaters during dress down days! Unleash your inner kid and let the rest think whatever they wish. Sweaters are comfy and Christmas-y so why should you give up on them?

We hope you find time to unwind and celebrate Christmas with your loved ones this year round. In the meantime, send us a picture of your favourite ugly sweater!

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