How to get back in the office routine

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It’s January. New year, new you. And the new you isn’t too happy to be back in the office after your vacation. We get it, you have resolutions to achieve and you miss your loved ones. It’s hard to get back into the office routine after having two weeks to yourself. Here are four tips that will help you get back into the office routine after breaking off from the holidays.


Start off with easy tasks

Make sure you don’t pile up all the time-consuming tasks on the first week of being back. It will take you time to get back in the jist of things. You might confuse clients’ names and your software skills might be rusty, so tasks that would have taken you 30 minutes to complete before the holidays will be taking you an hour to get around.

Make a to-do list

The first thing you should do when you get back to the office is making a to-do list. Compile a list of tasks you need to complete and clients you need to update. Mark the stage of completion of each and every task in bullet form in order to keep you updated and on track. Although you may not need a remainder of your list of jobs, a list will help you clear your mind and aid you in putting your full attention on the task at hand.

Have catch up meetings

Catch up with your team! Everyone will come in after the holidays with different mindsets and tasks. It is important to get everyone on the same page so the whole team is uniting forces to get jobs done efficiently and effectively. So email the team beforehand and set up a meeting together. Stock the board room with yummy food and refreshing drinks to make everyone feel awake and pumped.

Go back to your routine

We understand that you want to be a new person and all but here’s the thing. The old you established a routine at work. The old new has learned what the best time to leave the house is, how much sleep to get, when and where to schedule meetings, what the best way to communicate to every team member is… Trying to switch your routine up will only slow you down and disorientate you. Sometimes, it best to stick to what’s familiar.

We wish you a prosperous new year and hope these tips help you get back into the office routine as soon as possible. Remember to take some time off to yourself from time to time, though, the new you deserves it.

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