Here’s why remote working could revolutionise your business

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If you run a business and want to embrace new ways of working there are several routes you could take. You could offer flextime, zero hours contracts, use only contractors or offer remote working. While all options have their strengths, remote working offers the most benefits to both the employee and the business.

Here are five reasons why.

1. You can hire the very best regardless of location

Unless you live in a big city, chances are there will be some skillsets you just can’t hire in your area. There are many reasons why someone wouldn’t want to relocate for a new job. It could be a family commitment such as kids in school or a partner with a fantastic job they don’t want to leave. The reasons are as many as the opportunities.

So what do you do? You offer remote working and get the benefit of the very best talent wherever they live. For every one person with the right skills in your area, there are hundreds of others throughout the world.

2. You get a much more motivated team

The ability to work remotely is something valued highly by employees. It isn’t commonplace enough to be expected in every role making it something special. That means staff who get to work remotely value being able to do so and appreciate the trust and opportunity. They reward this by being more motivated, working harder and being more loyal.

The vast majority of companies that have allowed remote working have benefitted from it. That’s a fact.

3. Lower running costs

By allowing some or all of your team to work remotely, you drastically lower the running costs of your business. You don’t need such a large office, you use less electricity, heating, cooling, need fewer servers, less internet bandwidth and all those ancillary things that make up office life.

From tea to hot water, parking spaces to desks, the fewer you need, the less it costs.

4. Shifts attention from attendance to productivity

Something that benefits both the business and the employee is the shift from just being present in the office to focusing on the work produced. For the business, you get to spend more time analysing staff output than just seeing them in the office. This has obvious ramifications for quality and productivity.

For the employee it is motivational. Productivity is scrutinised which offers an incentive to be industrious. They also know that everyone has to be productive at work rather than just present which helps keep teams balanced.

5. Nobody likes the commute

Even a rural commute can be a pain in bad weather or during harvest time. Commute into a city and there are dozens of ways it can spoil your day. The commute from the bedroom to the home office or beach, coffee shop or wherever you choose to work is the best way to start the day.

No commute equals no diesel fumes, no traffic jams and no trying to find parking. All combine to start the day as you mean to go on. That has benefits for everyone!

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