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Five fast ways to become better at your job

by Yellow 812 Days

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The jobs market is more competitive now than at any other time in recent history. More people are applying for fewer roles and employers are constantly asking for more from staff.
So how do you improve your chances or keeping your job without working every hour for free and giving up all your rights? By being better at what you do. The more effective you are, the less cause your employer will have to replace you. Here are five fast ways to become better at your job.

Build your own social network

While there is nothing wrong with getting your head down and working all day, it doesn't help you in the long term. What can help you become better at your job is to build a social network both inside and outside your company. The more you are known, liked and respected in your field, the better you will be regarded.
Networking also exposes you to new ways of working, new ideas and new people. All this can translate into more daily effectiveness.

Be open to change

Employees have always had to embrace change but business now moves faster than ever. Being flexible in your approach allows you to adapt quickly, keep up with how the company evolves and reduces the resistance many employees have to change.
There is now no place for ‘we have always done it that way, why change?' attitudes in the modern workplace. Change with the times and you can maintain productivity and work quality regardless of what is going on around you.

Manage time effectively

There are two essential truths about time. It is constantly moving and there is never enough of it. Time management is one of the most important skills anyone can have. Improve it by prioritising your workload, minimising distractions, avoiding procrastination and interaction on social networks during work time.
It is as important to be seen managing your time effectively as it is to actually do it. Combine them both and your career prospects improve considerably.

Develop yourself

While it is most definitely your employer's job to train and develop you, don't be afraid to put in some effort yourself. Spend spare time learning new skills, working with another team or developing your potential. It not only makes you more indispensable, it also makes the day more interesting and can provide new challenges.
Most employers will recognise employees who are keen to develop themselves and reward it with opportunities to do just that. It's an easy way to become better at your job while also investing in your future.

Offer solutions

There are always employees who present problems, concentrate on the negative or 
complain about everything. To become better at your job, avoid these people at all costs. ‘Be part of the solution and not the problem' is a hackneyed saying but is so true. If there are problems with how things are done, come up with a solution before bringing it to someone's attention.

If you can think of ways to improve productivity, quality or benefit the business in any way, speak up. Nothing makes an employee more valuable than by offering much more than they cost!

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