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Five fantastic summer team building activities

by Yellow 745 Days

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Does the idea of a work team building activity make you roll your eyes or think of a sudden illness you might feel coming on? It does for many. That's why it is so important to be creative if you're creating a team building event. Get the activity right and you will quickly see the fruits of your labour. Get it wrong and watch your staff all look furtively at the exit. 
With that in mind, here are five fantastic summer team building activities that won't let anyone down!


Volunteering is huge in many countries and more companies are getting in on the act. Coordinating staff volunteering activities can be a challenge, but in return, your staff feel as though they are doing something worthwhile. If they have to work as a team while volunteering all the better.
Volunteering can help develop people empathy, determination, leadership and any number of qualities beneficial to an employer.


Malta has plenty of kayaking opportunities yet too many people don't use them. Change 
all that with an organised group kayak. You could go exploring, racing, team games or just enjoying the water. The type of event can be tailored to the team or the environment you will be in.
There is nothing like messing about on the water during summer and this combines a team building activity with something interesting and fun.


Paintball may be an obvious team building activity but there is a good reason for that. It 
makes for a great event. It's competitive, fast paced, includes rest periods and allows staff to shoot at each other without hurting them. It is also usually well run, contained and easy to manage.
Guns might not be everyone's idea of a good day out but the (mostly) harmless paint firing variety are much more acceptable.

Treasure hunt

Done well, a treasure hunt can be great fun that also brings out those characteristics we 
look for in our staff. Some can be a simple find the clue and move on to the prize type hunt while others can be dressed up as a bank heist, security operation or something much more imaginative.
Treasure hunts bring out competitiveness, cooperation, leadership and more. Just what we want from our team building activities!

BBQ at the beach

They say nothing brings people together like food, and we agree - so why not organise a beach barbeque for your team? Enjoy the sunset, play some beach games and cook some delicious food while getting to know each other a little bit better.

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