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Facebook Adverts, News Portal Ads And Slick Landing Pages: These Are Yellow's New Mind-Blowing Products

by Chiara Micallef

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If you are looking to advertise your business in a zero-effort manner and heighten your exposure on Google, the new Yellow products were made just for you. Our new packages are all that and more, with newly unveiled features such as Facebook advertising campaigns, news portal banner adverts and the cool new Yellmarket. 


This stellar package will present you with top rank on Yellow, thanks to its Platinum rotation system feature. When people search for a heading you are registered under with a Platinum+, you will get the highest click-through rate (CTR) on your landing page. Sounds cool? Well, that's not all. 

You will get six additional taglines on the Yellow search engine results – the Platinum+ comes with a 500-word SEO-optimised landing page, unlimited media uploads, 100% tags and holistic social media, messenger and email integration. 


Show Them What You've Got 

You can make use of our stellar Yellmarket, a space where you can display up to 75 services and products – images, description, prices and inquiry buttons included.  

Through Platinum+ you will get a free 5-page SSL certified website complete with bespoke SEO-approved content and tailor-created design. We will also provide you with website hosting, a custom domain and CMS.

Taking The Stress Out Of Advertising 

You can purchase the Platinum+ package for either one or two years, and as part of the package, you will get News Portal Banners advertised on Times of Malta and MaltaToday. Your banner will remain online until it reaches 500k impressions.

The Platinum+ is designed to get the most out of social media platforms too – with this package, you will benefit from a Facebook boosting campaign spread over 6 weeks that will help you reach a wider range of audiences. 

Moreover, we offer you additional billboard banner impressions on all Yellow business headings. 

Neat or what? 



The platinum is pretty similar to the Platinum+ package. It still presents users with a rank 1 placement based on the Platinum rotation system along with the highest CTR on Yellow and six additional headlines. 

Included with the Platinum package, you will get a 500-word SEO-optimised landing page complete with unlimited media uploads, 100% tags and a holistic social media, messenger and email integration system. 

SSL certified and SEO-approved 5-page websites with custom domains are also part and parcel of the Platinum package.

Focus On What You Do Best 

The Platinum package can be purchased for one or two years, during which you will get 100k impressions' worth of news portal banners on MaltaToday, along with banner impressions on all Yellow headings. We will also present you with a 6-week Facebook boosting campaign outside of your target audience. 

Crazy, Right? Well That's Not All

Through the Platinum package, you will be able to make use of the slick Yellmarket – where you can display up to 75 products and services, images, descriptive keywords and sale price.



Gold package users will have access to the Yellmarket, where they can display 50 products and services that will enable customers to contact you by email and SMS through our platform.

The Gold package provides a rank 2 placement that implements top-ranking rotation and the highest CTR in the Gold system. An additional six business taglines are included, just like the Platinum and Platinum+ packages. Along with the rank, you will also get an SEO-optimised 400-word landing page that includes 50 images, 10 videos, 100% tags and social media integration.  

Impressions Made Easy 

Billboard banner impressions on all Yellow business headings and news portals are a part of this package. You will also get a Facebook boosting campaign spread over three weeks designed to reach a wider range of audiences, along with a 5-page website complete with SSL certification, hosting, SEO-approved content and tailor-created domain. 


The Silver package comes with a 300-word SEO-optimised landing page, 25 images, five videos, social media integration and 100% tags. It also provides you with a rank 3 placement based on the Silver package rotation system, along with a premium listing above rank 4 on the Yellow portal.

Show off your assets 

With this package, you can make use of the Yellmarket, where you can display up to 35 products and services. Moreover, you will get a discounted price on all Yellow website products.


When choosing Bronze, you will get a stellar rank 4 premium placement listing on the Yellow portal, a 250-word SEO-optimised landing page with 15 images, one video and 50% tags. When purchasing this package, you will get discounted prices on all Yellow website products. 

Would you like to register with us and benefit from these slick products? Click here to list your business.

About Chiara Micallef

Chiara is a content writer with a love for delicious food, beautiful art, music, travel and bizarre history facts. 

She enjoys nothing more than reading, trying out new dishes and petting cats. 

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