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Daily rules that highly productive business people follow

by Yellow

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We all have that one person we look up to. That person who’s always getting things done. Who manages to juggle things effortlessly and always delivers on what they say. We often ask ourselves: How do they do it? Will I ever be able to be that way?

The answer boils down to cultivating the right habits that will help you overcome obstacles and challenges, such as procrastinating on tasks, tackling boring jobs, juggling never-ending emails and seeing important projects through to completion. We’ve done our research and put together a collection of the main daily habits that make people successful. Here they come. 



Laying the foundations to a successful business starts with having a solid foundation stone - yourself. So your first step is to ensure that you are physically and mentally fit to take on the challenges ahead. Next, it’s time to ensure that your work space is conducive to a productive and inspiring environment. 


Use the morning to focus on yourself

Start the day on your terms and feel in control of the busy hours ahead. Use the morning to set the physical and psychological productive tone to your day. Go for a jog or work out to boost your energy levels, then read the news over a good breakfast. Those emails can wait a few more minutes.

Bonus tip: Stay up to date with news and tech. Allocate some time each morning to catch up on the latest trends in your industry. 


Know your work habits

Are you more productive at the crack of dawn or after lunch? Do you work best alone or in a team? What are your main distractions? One of the good habits of successful people is that they know their strengths and their weaknesses. They can manage themselves to make themselves more efficient. So be honest with yourself and organise your day accordingly.


Manage your energy & take breaks 

We often confuse ‘busy’ with ‘efficient’. But the truth is that working without a break is not being efficient. On the contrary, it can be counterproductive and slow you down. That is why apart from managing their time, successful people also manage their energy. Plan hard tasks for your more productive hours and know when it’s time to take a break and get mentally recharged. 


Declutter your work space 

A clear work environment supports a clear mind. Or, as they say: “mess creates stress”. So get rid of any unnecessary papers, envelopes, files and stationery on your desk. Just ensure you have what you need. Anything extra can go.


Be fit for business 

Exercise is one of the greatest productivity tools. Apart from keeping you physically fit, it allows you time to clear your mind and make space for big ideas. Try to fit in at least 20 minutes a day, ideally first thing in the morning. Make sure you drink lots of water throughout the day. Dehydration results in less energy, which means you get less work done.



The key to realising goals and objectives, is having a clear idea of what they are and how to get there. That is why successful people know exactly what they want out of every single day. They start each day with purpose and manage their time and energy to achieve that purpose. 


Prioritise important tasks 

Chances are that your to-do list is endless and you’re constantly updating it. The risk with this is that you end up spending most of your energy checking things off. But these might not be the most important tasks. Instead, dedicate a few minutes in the morning to identify your top three tasks. This will allow you to focus on the most pressing matters. 


Follow the 80/20 rule to help you prioritise

Many swear by this rule that’s built on the concept that only 20 per cent of what you do each day produces 80 per cent of your results. So you need to shift your focus on that 20 per cent by eliminating the things that are not contributing to a productive day.


Work deeply

Once you know what your priorities are, dedicate time to tackle them. This means blocking time every day to focus on hard or uninteresting tasks that may be painful to get through but have to be done. This might mean being hard to contact - not answering the phone or replying to emails for a few hours. 

Bonus tip: Sometimes it helps to ‘get lost’. Go and work from a nearby cafe or another room in your office building. Turn off your devices and enjoy uninterrupted focus time that yields massive results.


Break projects into smaller tasks 

Big projects can look overwhelming when you’re standing at the beginning. But breaking them down into more digestible tasks, with clear milestones and deadlines, makes things better and helps combat procrastination.


Plan for the unplanned

Productive people know that plans can go wrong. Last minute hiccups happen or sometimes you just underestimate the complexity of a job. So make sure you factor in this time when planning a project to allow yourself, and your team, time to breathe. 



Remember that person you look up to? That person always manages to get things done. Why? Because they just get on with it. They don’t stay waiting for the perfect conditions. They start. They continue. They keep moving forward. 


Don’t wait for inspiration

If you had to wait to get motivated and inspired before you start doing anything, nothing much will get done. Instead focus on starting the job and delivering quality. The rest will fall into place.


Keep a distraction list 

Thoughts are constantly popping into your mind. From a sudden mental reminder to add something to yesterday’s presentation, to a great new idea. The worst thing you can do is keep stopping what you’re doing. Instead have a notepad and list down any thoughts to be tackled later.

Bonus tip: Stop multi-tasking. Changing tasks more than 10 times a day drops productivity levels. You will get things done more efficiently by focusing on one task at a time.


Learn to say ‘no’

One of the key skills of successful people is, surprisingly, saying ‘no’. If you say ‘yes’ all the time your plate is going to be too full to deliver efficiently on everything. This can compromise quality and productivity and make you feel overwhelmed and demotivated. 




Now that you know what it takes to boost your personal success levels, all you have to do is make it happen. Start by tweaking your morning routine to allow some time for yourself, organise your office, prioritise your tasks and start making things happen. 

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