7 Business Blogs You Should Definitely Follow

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You arrive at the office, fill your coffee mug, settle at your desk and check your emails. This should sound familiar. Now, how about pouring over some inspirational reading with your coffee, to ease into your day gradually? Take your pick from any of these blogs, and start your working day on a good note.


Smart Passive Income Blog


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Pat Flynn calls himself the ‘crash test dummy’ of online business. He runs this intriguing blog where he shares his own successes and failures in running prosperous online businesses. Flynn openly shares all his learning experiences with readers with an informal yet engaging writing style, and passionate writes about adapting work around family life. This blog might give you the motivation you’ve been needing to launch your own online business.


Infusion Soft


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Infusion Soft is a vibrant software company that focuses on helping small businesses grow through innovative and forward thinking strategies. Start-ups and independent entrepreneurs can benefit hugely from reading the company’s Knowledge Center blog in attempting to expand their businesses. Topics discussed range from social media, content and digital marketing to finance, productivity and personal development. 




Scoro gets the gold medal for being the most aesthetically-pleasing blog of the bunch, but looks aren’t always that important. Luckily, it is also full of informative and interesting content, notably advice on how to improve your productivity and time management. You could easily say that Scoro is the Buzzfeed of business blogs.


Chris Ducker’s Blog


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Chris Ducker is a British entrepreneur and best-selling author who shares advice and workable strategies through his blog on building and running profitable businesses. Ducker enjoys writing about effective personal branding for businesses, and gives readers tips which are both easy to understand and pleasant to browse through.


Business Grapevine


If something is news-worthy and relevant in the business world, you will definitely hear it (or rather read it) through the Business Grapevine. This exceptionally resourceful site is more than a blog. It is an excellent guide for any budding entrepreneur, offering a diverse mix of news, opinion pieces and advice articles.


Talk Business


This is the all-comprehensive blog for the entrepreneur, by the entrepreneur. Self-employed and other business savvy readers will definitely find Talk Business helpful, even though in reality it is versatile enough to cater for anyone with even the slightest of interest in business. It’s always brimming with advice on facing day to day struggles in the current business climate, with a user-friendly design that will surely make you want to keep reading.


The Branded Solopreneur


And if you prefer reading something that’s more on the humorous and intriguing side, Dre Beltrami’s blog might be the perfect start to your work-filled day. The sassy and straight-talking entrepreneur writes about creating top-quality brand identities for personal businesses that want to stand out from the rest of their competition. Don’t be alarmed by her interesting choice of profile photos, it’s all part of the blog’s overall charm.

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