How to beat burnout in 6 steps

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When life at work gets super hectic, we risk experiencing burnout. This is practically inevitable in today’s fast-moving business world, where tight deadlines need to be met and everyone wants to do their best. As stress levels increase, you may not be able to take a break when you truly need it.

If you’re constantly finding yourself engulfed in a never-ending to-do list that is killing your motivation to succeed, here are 6 tips that will help you beat burnout at work.

Accept the fact that you’re burning out

The first step is to realise that your body and mind have been severely strained due to stress at work. That way you won’t feel guilty about taking some time to rest and enjoy life outside the office. The quicker you recover from your burnout, the sooner you can go back to work with a fresh mind so that your business can keep moving forward.

Bonus tip: If your responsibilities at work are constantly keeping you overloaded, speak to your superiors. They can relieve some of your duties or delegate them to other members of the team.

Switch up your work routine

Burnout is mainly caused by the overwhelming feeling of stress brought about by being heavily overloaded. However another cause of burnout can be a repetitive work schedule that leaves you stuck in a demotivating rut. Change your work pattern by including some fun that you wouldn’t normally do on a typical day at the office. It could even be learning a new skill that helps you zone out of your persistent work stress. The more you enjoy your job, the easier you will find it to accomplish your goals.

Keep yourself healthy

Aside from maintaining a balanced diet with plenty of exercise and healthy food, there are other ways to beat burnout. You can try and go to bed early instead of giving in to sleep deprivation, especially if you have no other choice but to wake up early. Burnout can also be prevented by optimising your morning routine. Take this crucial time in the day to reboot your energy and test out improvements to your lifestyle. This can improve your motivation and focus levels for the rest of the day.

Set up a stress-free zone at work

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Going to work every day from 9 to 5 can be boring. Encourage your workplace to combat burnout by creating some sort of stress-free zone. It doesn’t need to be a huge space, it can even be one small room or a hallway. A few comfortable chairs or hammocks are sufficient for employees to have a calm area within the office that they can go to whenever their workload is taking a toll on them.

Reach out to others

Being completely surrounded by things to do can easily isolate you. Apart from asking your colleagues for help when you’re drowning, use your breaks to engage with the people around you. Grabbing lunch with a friend instead of snacking hastily at the office, or possibly skipping lunch altogether to stay at your desk, can work wonders on your overall motivation. You should also give priority to time off by spending it with family and loved ones, or engaging in enjoyable social activities. Just avoid constantly checking your emails!

Uncover the bigger picture

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There’s more to life than the countless hours spent at your desk in front of your computer screen. When you’re burnt out, your job can seem unbearable. So it’s important to remind yourself of the purpose of your position, and to then allocate more time to what you enjoy doing in your role. Additionally, contextualise your work by taking a step back and reflecting on your contribution to your company’s mission. Hopefully, this should all bring back that ‘it’s all worth it’ feeling to cool down your burnout.


Burnout happens to the best of us. Although a week-long vacation isn’t always on the cards right away, you can definitely get through it in other simpler ways. Mix up your routine, focus on your results and reward yourself whenever you deserve it. But most importantly, take your time. You cannot fully recover from work burnout overnight, but following these tips should make your transition back to normal that little bit easier.

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