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6 Tips on how to pitch to clients

by Yellow 360 Days

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Preparing for a business pitch can be one of the most nerve-raking experiences imaginable. Pitching can put all your insecurities and anxieties to the test, as you never know what's going to happen. A lot depends on the results of your business pitches, so it's important to make sure you ace every meeting. Whether you're pitching for new business, new campaigns or new products, it's important to keep your calm and focus on results.

To help you prepare for your next client meeting, here are 6 tips on how to pitch to clients.

Remember that less is more

Your clients have been in meetings all day. They don't want to spend more hours listening to someone talking about "making a difference”. You need to make your clients feel like you're the change they're after. Get to the point. Use short sentences, and make sure everything you say provides something of value. The more direct and precise you are with your information, the easier the experience is for everyone. Highlight key points. Use short and snappy titles. This way, your client will walk away remembering more, having listened to less.

Think and speak visually

material helps you get your information across a lot easier. If your pitch includes a presentation (which is recommended), use photography, illustrations and infographics. An image says a thousand words, so make sure your images say the right things. Visuals will help you convey emotions, set the tone and provide a particular "look and feel”. If you're in the process of selling a concept, provide as much mood-setting material as possible. Imagine what artworks express your pitch the best, and sell the idea by making others imagine it too.

Bonus tip: Speak with your hands. Gesturing can help you keep your client's attention.

Look the part

Dress to impress. Always walk into a pitch looking professional, like you're going to produce results. Looking good will also make you feel more confident about your performance abilities. Depending on the nature of your business, dress like
you're there to improve it. If you're in a very formal and corporate world, wear a suit or smart dress. If you're in a creative line of work, show off some colour and vibrant energy. You can never go wrong with a smart-casual look, a white shirt or simple dress. Check out our 5 Tips on cracking the summer dress code at work.

Bonus tip
: Be punctual and go take one last look in the mirror before your pitch.

Appeal to emotions

your client what you know they want to hear (within reason). Whatever you say in your pitch needs to be backed up by sufficient evidence. You should always focus on facts, but with a touch of passion. Make sure your client can relate to what you're saying and selling. Turn your pitch into a story if you have to, just make sure it brings about the right emotions. If the pitch is too foreign or vague, you'll lose the attention your ideas need to come to fruition.

Bonus tip
: Make eye contact. When you look into your audience's eyes you'll speak to their heart.

Remember to PPP

Promise, plan and prove. Remember that by preparing a pitch, you are making a promise. Whether it's to provide a product, result or service, you are trying to get a client to trust you. This means you need to go away and plan your next moves; your plan of action. This involves laying out what you're going to do, and how. In conclusion,
you're pitch needs to prove to your client that you've got what it takes to provide the desired results. Statistics, previous works and client testimonials always help.

Bonus tip
: Know your value. Something about your business is unique. Use it to your advantage in your pitch.

Practice your pitch

Practice makes perfect. Make sure you've proofread your pitch if it's a presentation. Also, make sure you rehearse your performance. Practice in front of a mirror or practice with your colleagues. Just do whatever it takes to make sure it's good. Consequently, you'll produce the right emotions and the right results. Charisma can't be bought or sold, but you can surely improve it by practicing.

Remember, every tycoon was once an insecure dreamer, until they overcame their fears. Go the extra mile and pitch with your heart and soul. 


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