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6 Tips on designing the best workspace possible

by Yellow

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Our workspace shapes how we perform our job. You might end up spending years at a time working in the same room, possibly at the same desk. An organised office space, that employees enjoy working in every day, will ensure that they stay happy and productive. Here are some tips on designing a fantastic workspace that enhances the well-being and creative performance of your staff members.

Take advantage of colour and light

Choosing the right colour and lighting for your workspace is a very simple way of improving productivity. Depending on your employees' types of tasks, certain shades and brightness levels can positively affect their mood and behaviour. Blues and greens usually encourage idea generation, while red hues are strongly linked to securing attention to detail. Bright lighting tends to work better for analytical thinking, as opposed to dimmer lighting which supports freedom of creativity. Natural light from strategically-placed windows should also be taken into consideration. Bonus tip: Invest in a few plants, and place them around the office. They can reduce stress levels, especially in a busy and fast-paced working environment.

Delegate spaces for both private work and relaxation

Most offices have an open plan layout, with a few individually designated cubicles for management. But other more secluded rooms are also necessary. Quiet spaces should be available to employees who cannot concentrate at their desk. These spaces can help increase productivity by killing off persistent distractions. An opportunity to relax at work is also important. Chill out spaces for employees can help them de-stress, as well as feel more comfortable expressing themselves throughout their workday and collaborating with their peers. They can also serve as lunch spots, informal meeting areas and as relief from staring at a computer screen all day.

Consider rounded furniture

Sitting in circles can provoke a collective mindset, improving productivity through cooperation. Why else did you think King Arthur used to gather his subjects at a round table? If you want to completely reinvent the design of your workspace, opt for rounded furniture instead of countless straight lines and sharp edges. Incorporate this into your office with an overall curved layout and aesthetic. This can tone down the rigidity of a working environment, and will probably put your employees and clients at ease. Browse through the 30 Office Furniture outlets listed on Yellow for some stylish curvier options.

Clear out office clutter

A messy desk is never reassuring. Since many people spend more time at their desk than they do at home, their workplace needs to be inspiring and motivating. This can be achieved by removing anything that makes the space look and feel disorganised. This could easily mean tidying up and making sure excessive wires, loose papers and unused boxes aren't left lying around. You can even get your employees together and organise an office clean-up!

Invest in better technology

Being in a workspace that looks organised is always a plus. But incorporating technology that actually makes everything more organised in practice is a much bigger plus. From faster wi-fi connectivity to more accessible tablets and other touchscreen devices, it's essential in today's day and age to enhance offices with the right kind of technological upgrades. Better tech will help your business progress effectively when it comes to staff communication and engagement. If you decide to introduce your team to new technology, here are some tips to help you make that change happen!

Reinforce the culture of your business

Your workspace should give employees the autonomy and flexibility they deserve. Apart from making them feel like they are a valuable part of your team, your staff should also be given the complete freedom to be themselves, share their ideas and take on new responsibilities. Accomplish this by designing the layout of your office space in line with the internal culture of your business.  

Re-inventing the design of your workspace is not easy. You have to look at your budget, address everyone's needs and be careful of not making too many outrageous changes. Don't go about this challenge alone. Enlist the help of one of the 103 Interior Designers listed on Yellow, to guide you on how to best improve the look and feel of your offices. Visit www.yellow.com.mt - the local search engine designed with you in mind!

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