6 easy tips to personalise your workspace

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According to research, a personalised work space results in a happier work environment. This is because, by having a personalised work space, employees feel more comfortable and at home. So, if you are planning to personalise your work space, here are some simple ways to make your office desk look and feel cosier.

1. (Green) thumb up

This one might sound like a cliche, but plants really help make the work space feel more like home. Find a small plant at a florist that does not require too much maintenance, and perhaps one that does not need too much sunlight if you are far from a window. Cacti are always a good option, especially in a country like Malta.


2. Add colours

Sometimes all you really need to make your desk look cosier is a bit of colour, especially if you are surrounded by dull walls. Add a frame, a painting that inspires you, use colorful sticky notes, or, if you’re willing to; make a collage of pictures and quotes.


3. Accessorise the desk

Add a picture, soft toy, or your favourite pair of headphones from to your desk in order to give it some character. Add your children’s/nephews’ drawings or funny quotes to the back of your screen if you work in an open plan, or glue them to your desk. Something as simple as a personalised mouse pad can do the job.

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4. Comfortable pillow

Sitting at your desk for a long time can be painful and tiring, so besides those quick stretches and walks around the office, you should consider getting a pillow. Besides giving your back comfort, pillows can add personality to your desk. Two birds, one stone.


5. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate… in a mug!

Perhaps an obvious one, but you will be surprised to know that many people use the generic mugs provided by the office to drink their warm beverages. If you are one of them, change that. A personalised mug is a great way to characterise your desk, and you don’t need to share it with all your colleagues. Oh, and if you don’t drink anything other than water – no problem, you can still use the mug as your stationery holder.


6. Stress ball  

Mouth off your nails. People have a tendency to resort to biting their nails when they’re stressed. There’s a very easy solution to this habit; stress balls. These little saviours were designed to ease your tension when you’re stressed and in the need of some relief. Make sure to grab a cute one while you’re at it so you can use it as desk decor in the meantime.

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We hope these tips will lead to more colourful and cosy work environments. Let us know how you personalise your workspace in the comment section below!

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