6 Apps that will make your work life easier

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Keeping up with demands and getting fully organised is a common struggle for many businesses. That’s where the beauty of technology comes in. These are 6 user-friendly apps your workplace can surely benefit from trying out.



If there is one all-encompassing app that can immediately improve communication and project management within a company, it is most definitely Slack. It is more than just a group-messaging app that employees can learn to use and love fairly quickly. Slack works efficiently across all devices and can be used to send any form of information to colleagues, of whatever size or format. Boasting over one million daily users should be a convincing enough statistic to intrigue you to try it out.




Time is of the essence. Timeneye can improve your whole team’s time management. By tracking how long you take to finish different tasks, the app automatically suggests time entries, prioritising what’s most important in your to-do list. If you’re a control freak, don’t panic. You can also create time entries manually and categorise them as you wish. Timeneye can be synchronised with other software, including the task-managing app that’s coming up next.



Multi-tasking can be a piercing headache. Trello is a versatile project management tool ideal for businesses that are just starting out. Apart from tracking your team’s to-do list and making sure all tasks are completed in time, Trello has a convenient interface styled like a moodboard. Staff members can contribute to projects with their own ideas and notes in one comprehensive and visually-pleasing app, leaving no clutter in sight.




Facilitating communication between employees should be a priority in every company. With Droplr, any type of file can be shared with anyone, anywhere. Making it a file-sharing platform that is more flexible than Google Drive, the creators of this app enjoy describing it as a happy marriage between browser and desktop. Dropping a large file to a co-worker has never been this simple and reliable.




Skill Pill

No matter how high your career soars, you can never know enough. Focusing on deadlines is important, but your employees also deserve the opportunity to boost their skills, which will in turn help your business stay competitive. Skill Pill is perfect for personal development in the workplace, boasting a library of over a thousand ready-made learning objects such as videos and podcasts. Sourced from renowned business bestsellers, this high-impact app will fill your brain with priceless knowledge that is completely relevant to your job.



Stress can be very problematic in this hectic day and age. Thankfully, there are apps like Headspace which specifically help with managing stress at work. From easy 10-minute daily meditation routines to crisis-oriented relaxation, this app can relieve stress-levels during even the busiest of days. As the app creators themselves highlight in their mission statement, “if you treat your head right, everything else will follow”.



BONUS: Build your own app

If your company is up for the challenge, then why not? Developing an efficient app, custom-built for the work process of your business, can have a multitude of benefits. Once the app becomes a cohesive part of your company’s structure, it can boost sales, improve customer experience and increase your competitive standing. Just don’t let the limited size of your business stop you from looking into the possibilities.


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