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5 Tips on working with mothers

by Yellow 435 Days

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Mothers are the backbone of society. They raise us and they prepare us for life beyond the comfort of our home. These days women strive to balance both raising a family and pursing a career, which truly makes them look and feel like superwomen. Working with mothers can be eye-opening. Their job roles (wherever they work) can encompass the responsibilities of a manager, assistant, director, teacher, caretaker, nurse, psychologist, chef, wife, sister, friend; but most of all, mother. With Mother's Day (on the Maltese Islands) coming up on Sunday May 14, it's hard not to applaud all mamas out there.

To celebrate and honour mothers everywhere, here are 5 tips on working with them in a business environment.

Respect their family needs

Mothers have chosen to pursue a career, but let's never forget that they are also responsible for something even more important; their children. Mothers may need to prioritise their family from time to time, and as long as this does not affect your business, this should be welcomed. Many businesses have chosen to be family-oriented and family-friendly, which is highly valued by clients and employees alike.

Appreciate the motherly love

Mothers are naturally more inclined to take care of things with love. Hence, mothers are super thorough and attentive. These are highly valuable assets for any kind of business, and a much sought after quality. This means that all projects, presentations, sales pitches and everyday tasks are likely to thrive. Mothers pay special attention to detail, so make sure you value this awesome quality and make good use of it.

Follow their multi-tasking example

Mothers are no strangers to multi-tasking. You may often find a mother changing a diaper, answering a phone, making breakfast and sending an email…all at the same time! This is something you can learn to do at the office. Just by observing what it's like working with mothers, you'll discover you can also take on anything and everything. Mothers are also great teachers. So if you need someone to actually teach you how to multi-task, ask a mummy. They can probably teach you whilst still also meeting that super tight deadline.

Offer support when needed

Mothers may need some help every now and then, so it's always nice to assist whenever you can. Even if it's just something simple like bringing them lunch or making them a cup of tea, they'll appreciate it. We all need some extra motivation and support when we're swamped with work, so keep your eyes open. If you see a working mother (or any colleague for that matter) that's tied up with work, do something nice and earn some karma points.

Treat working mothers as equals

At the end of the day, mothers are also qualified, dedicated and professional colleagues. Working with mothers should not be any different from working with your other colleagues. They too deserve to be valued (like all employees), praised and rewarded. In conclusion, working mothers should be treated just like everybody else. Next time you speak to a colleague who is also a mother, try and find out more. You might even learn a thing or two.


Most of all, let's applaud all working mothers out there, and wish everyone a great Mother's Day!

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