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5 reasons why your business should advertise on Yellow

by Yellow 757 Days

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Advertising on Yellow, Discover Local can open doors to new business. To be more specific, it can get you through new doors, as the Yellow Directory can be found in over 90% of Malta's and Gozo's households.
It also acts as an incredible tool to bring new and returning customers through your doors, both physically and digitally.
Besides getting a spot in the 180,000+ copies printed each year and distributed for free, advertising with Yellow, Discover Local gives you prominence on the website and mobile apps. The Yellow Directory allows you to be in your potential customers' house, computer and mobile.
We can list hundreds of reasons as to why your business should advertise on Yellow, but here are the 5 that stand out for most of our satisfied clients.

Yellow is local

As the name indicates, Yellow, Discover Local is the platform that advertises all the local businesses in Malta and Gozo. If one needs to find the list of ironmongers, beauty salons or vets in Malta and Gozo, Yellow gives them a detailed list of all the ones found on the islands, along with providing them with the opening hours, contact details, website, map, and more through the digital channels.
On the app you can even look for businesses based on how close they are to your current location, making it an even more powerful local search tool. The Yellow app also offers a routing feature within maps - this will allow your potential costumers to easily find their way to your business.
This is why thousands of Maltese people and tourists to refer to Yellow, no matter what they need on our lovely islands.
With Yellow, Discover Local you are sure to be targeting locally.

Yellow is first

In a recent independent survey conducted by Misco, the majority of participants said they prefer using Yellow to Google when searching for businesses, resulting in locals turning first to either the Yellow book, website or app before using other mediums.
Since Yellow is the Maltese people's first choice when looking for a business, it means that when your business is promoted on Yellow it is one of the first ones that can be found. You can find out more here.

Yellow is everywhere

As mentioned 
earlier, when you advertise with Yellow, Discover Local you expand your visibility by being on the book, website and mobile app. In the past year, 60% of the participants preferred using the book, 27.5% the website and 12.5% the mobile version when looking for businesses.
The three mediums offered by Yellow, Discover Local allow your business to be found by both the audience who prefer the traditional use of the book, or the ones who have shifted to the digital world - your business will be found everywhere.

Yellow is known

With over twenty years of reputation, Yellow, Discover Local has become the most known and used local discovery search tool. Thanks to its well-trusted name and the high usage of all the platforms, advertising on Yellow will guarantee your business major exposure and reach.

Rank high with Yellow, 
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