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5 effective ways for a stress free office

by Yellow 781 Days

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People work harder and more efficiently when they are calm and relaxed. Creating a stress-free office where you can encourage that relaxation means you get more out of yourself and staff without having to pay them more. If you also lower stress levels and create a more content workforce all the better. So here are five very effective ways to relax your office!


Streamlining an office includes decluttering, keeping desks clear, work areas tidy and only having things out that are necessary for regular tasks. Hiding everything away in cupboards and drawers ensures you always have what you need without them getting in the way. A messy office is not conducive to productivity. Numerous studies have shown that tidy workspaces and a clear work in, work out system are best for achieving productivity goals.

Get comfortable

Ergonomics is an incredibly important part of work life. Not only does it allow us to get comfortable, it can reduce injuries and illness, improve concentration and allow us to remain in place comfortably for longer. Investing in good quality comfortable desks and chairs does require money, but the investment is repaid many times over by having a more productive workforce who take fewer sick days. When shopping for desks and chairs, consider the daily tasks your staff undertake. Consider posture, foot position, wrist position for typing, sight lines for screens and brightness for the eyes.

Go green

Going green isn't just about being ecologically sound but about bringing plants into the workplace. Plants add a bit of life to a dull space, a bit of green into all of our lives and a bit of fresh oxygen into the office. Get real ones, keep them watered and healthy and they brighten up an office and make everyone feel relaxed. Plants can be very low maintenance and some stay green all year round. As long as they are looked after, they are a very effective way to relax your office.

Allow some personalisation

People are happier when they feel comfortable and people feel comfortable when they are in familiar surroundings. Allowing staff to bring in photographs, ornaments, cushions, plants or anything reasonable can help elevate their feeling of relaxation and brighten up a potentially dull workspace. If you are working in the same place for 8 hours or more a day, having an emotional tie to it helps imbue a feeling of wellbeing while you're there. Allowing a little personalisation is a cheap and easy way of achieving that.

Allow music

Whether you allow a radio in the background or headphones for individuals, the power of music should never be understated. There is a good reason so many up and coming entrepreneurs and business people walk around with headphones all the time. They can block out distractions, enhance our mood, give us energy or relax buzzing minds. If practical within your office, allowing music is a fantastic way to relax your office without costing you money or impacting visitors or customers.

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