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5 CSR ideas for your business

by Yellow

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Corporate social responsibility should be linked to the business strategies of any company. Through CSR, brands can get their name out there by also doing a good deed, and therefore receive positive feedback.

Many companies nowadays adopt this marketing strategy, and if you haven't started yet, here are a few ideas to inspire you. Do some good, and shout about it. Remember, consumers tend to buy products from companies that support environmental and humanitarian issues, so it definitely won't harm your brand.

Environmental efforts

Whether big or small, your first CSR should begin from inside the office. Adopt a recycling program, encourage your employees to not waste water and electricity, avoid printing when possible, and before throwing away paper in the respective recycling big, use it as rough paper. It really is that simple. Once you feel that your company is environmentally friendly, you can proceed to organising beach cleanups, plant trees together, plan a car pooling roster.


Social responsibility weighs heavy on a company and needs to be implemented throughout the agenda of any business. Donating to charities and fundraising events which will attract a wider range of people will contribute greatly to the worthy cause. Organising in-house fundraisers will also educate and shed light on local community programs. Most businesses have  an abundance of resources that can improve the life of many.

Provide a service

Do you know how to use photoshop? Do you enjoy baking? Whatever your passion or line of work may be, use your talent to help others. A Polish photographer took pictures of sheltered dogs to help them find a home faster. Find an NGO that you believe you could help, and put into practice what you preach, for free.


It requires so little but can make a big difference to others' lives. When you can, have everyone in the office donate some money to a cause that is cared by everyone. When donating, you don't need to only give money. Some people are in need of clothes, shelters need blankets to keep the animals warm in the colder months, orphanages are always in need of baby clothes and toys.


There are many places where one can volunteer, and a little extra help is always appreciated. Shelters are always in need of some extra hands to clean the kennels and walk the dogs. Hospitals are grateful towards volunteers who try to make the very sick patients laugh. Volunteering can also be a great team building event for your employees, that gather together to spend some of their time for a good cause.

Enhancing corporate social responsibility can be tough for a company or team that has never pursued it before. These Event Organisers listed on Yellow might be able to give you a very effective helping hand! 

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