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Yellow is The New Black

by YELLOW 147 Days

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Regardless of the size or age of a company, nowadays advertising is a must!  With over 21,000 businesses listed, Yellow Pages is the best local tool for consumers to find all they need. Therefore, it’s important that you make your company visible. Ask a sale representative to guide you through all your options and choose the most suitable package for your company.



No one knows your business as well as you. During your conversation with a sales representative, you will be asked about your company details and then suggest all suitable headings accordingly. However, you might fail to remember about the plans for the near future. Therefore, it’s very important that you have a look at the list of headings yourself and mark the relevant ones. If you miss out something, customers won't be able to find you under specific headings and won’t be aware of the full range of your services.


Progress is inevitable and you need to follow it if you want to stay in the race. Therefore, Yellow is adjusting to the needs of our customers and end users. We are offering a new range of products and assistance, in order to help your business stay up to date. The Yellow book is still very popular and the first choice for many users. However, we are following the trend and expanding our digital market. We are ready to help you to do the same; your company’s website, how well it ranks on Google, quality content, and what your customers’ think of your business. Those are the factors which decide how many people will choose to come to your door. If you want to learn more about all the available options and products offered, ask a sales representative to guide you through.


When you find suitable headings for your business, think how to stand out from your competitors. Your headline should be catchy and reflect the values and strengths of your company. Professional designers at Yellow will design a high quality ad for you, however, it’s good if you give it some thoughts beforehand. Describe what you expect from it, what the strongest parts of your company are and what features the ad should hold. Perhaps you want to attract certain group of customers or want to underline a specific service.


Customer service

Feeling comfortable with your sales representative is a very important aspect. At Yellow, we believe that after all customer care is not a matter of a department, but employees approach. All your doubts and questions that might arise along the way should be answered clearly and thoroughly. You need to feel like you can talk freely with your sale representative and the person is devoting enough time for you and your company.  If you are not satisfied with the way your business was handled or you have any complaints or opinions to share, we are happy to hear them out.



At Yellow Pages, we strongly believe in the power of advertising. We are very happy if you decide to list your business with us, however, do not forget about other channels through which you can promote your company. Depending on your industry and size of the company, you might choose to invest in radio or TV commercials, billboards or Internet ads. We strongly recommend that you keep your social media such as Facebook or Instagram updated and that you have a well-designed and informative website where your clients can learn more about you. Keep in mind that you will achieve the best results for your business if you combine all the right channels of advertising. If you are not sure which one might be suitable for you, ask our sales representative. They have broad experience in the market and are ready to advise what could be the best for you and your company.


Return on investment

There might be a time when you get under the impression that you spend money on ads but don’t get anything in return. Before you start making decisions, investigate if it's true and what is your ROI.  To better understand the impact of your advertising and how much it influences your customers, you need to measure it. It sounds more difficult than it is in reality. You can simply start with asking your customers from where did they hear about you. Perhaps from Facebook, a friend, or they found your business on Yellow Pages. You can’t be sure until you ask. With this knowledge, you can better invest in the right channel of advertising, regardless of which one it is.


This article is brought to you by Yellow, Discover local, leading Maltese publishing and advertising company.

Since 1988, Yellow has been distributing its directory to every house in Malta and Gozo. The company’s mission is to help businesses be visible and provide consumers with all the choices they have. With Yellow, you can get a package fitting your needs and show customers why they should choose your business. Have any questions? Call or email us, we are happy to clear all your doubts.