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Springtime Fun: Malta Playgrounds & Parks To Enjoy With Your Kids

by Tiziana Micallef

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two boys swinging in a playground facing the sea

As parents or guardians, you know the type of bursting energy kids have — all. day. long. So, with springtime and longer daylight in full swing, it's the perfect time to get the whole family out of the house more often and explore fantastic parks and playgrounds in Malta. Whether for a few hours during the week or a full day on weekends, going on an outing to one of Malta's playgrounds or parks is very simple yet fun. It doesn't require excessive preparation — just some refreshing beverages, a couple of snacks, and heavy-duty running shoes for your kids to run and freely explore their physical capabilities.

From swings to slides and obstacle courses, among other adventures that parks and playgrounds in Malta offer, they are suitable for young and older kids alike. Read below our recommended list of the best kid-friendly parks and playgrounds in Malta where kids can stay busy away from the screen!

BOV Adventure Park, Ta' Qali

Located in one of the largest open spaces in Malta, Ta' Qali National Park, the BOV Adventure Park is a well-kept and easy-to-access playground suitable for children aged 5 to 12 years old. This hidden gem is the place to spend some family quality time during spring, after exploring the formal gardens of Ta' Qali National Park that's just across. From small fountains to splash pools, aerial obstacle courses, swings, slides, an open-air gym, and treehouses for varying ages, by the end of the day, your kids will be knocked out.


colourful treehouse with slides surrounded by trees

Photo via TRFIHI Parks

What's great about the BOV Adventure Park is also the fact that there are many benches spread over the area where you can stop for a lunch break. No worries if you don't bring lunch from home — there is a cafeteria offering a selection of snacks and beverages to enjoy there or under the natural shade of the many present trees. The BOV Adventure Park is ideal if you wish to combine a picnic with fun outdoor activities for your kids without spending much. Concerned about parking? You'll find plenty available around the area of the entire park or just before the entrance to the playground area.


a row of wooden sheltered benches facing a playground Photo via TRFIHI Parks

Kitchen Garden Malta, Attard

Formally known as The President's Kitchen Garden, this splendid playground and park found just behind San Anton Gardens has all that you need for a fun play experience with the kids. It's especially ideal if you still have little tots who have just started walking or are still at the crawling stage. Thanks to the fully enclosed play area, which is a few metres away from the entrance, you can have the peace of mind that your kids can roam around freely within a safe perimeter without you being concerned that they can be hit by a swing or an older kid sprinting around.


Just on top of the babies' play area and the main area, the Kitchen Garden offers a whole range of play equipment for older kids, featuring tunnels, trampolines, climbing attractions, swings, and a big, colourful bus attraction with slides and climbing steps. What's cool about the Kitchen Garden are the solar-powered benches where you can charge your mobile phone, and also the fact that it is focused on sustainability. You can observe vegetable patches, solar panels, an outdoor gym, and an animal area with different types of animals. If you're looking to switch off for a minute, the sensory garden and duck pond located at the very back of the Kitchen Garden are the ideal chill-out areas.

large bus playhouse in a playground

Photo by Victoria V, via foursquare.com/city-guide

If you haven't been here yet, you should find the time to go with your kids. The Kitchen Garden is not simply about a fun-filled playground, all proceeds from the on-site cafeteria go directly to the Malta Community Chest Fund — very awe-inspiring!

rectangular duck pond surrounded with flowers

Photo of the Sensory Garden, via malta.com

Sant' Antnin Family Park, Marsaskala

The Marsascala Family Park covers an area of almost 85,000m², making it among the largest parks found in Malta. Located on the outskirts of the seaside village in the south of the island, the Sant' Antnin Family Park offers a variety of recreational and entertainment facilities for kids of all ages. It's very versatile, thus offering different outdoor experiences.


panoramic view of Sant'Antnin Family Park MaltaPhoto via Parks Malta

From different play equipment for kids to enjoy spread over the three different levels of the park to the castle play area, the zip line attraction, the sand pit, and the log swing attraction, this family park is worth exploring. Other attractions include the 5-a-side football pitch, the open-air gym for adults, the water feature attraction, a dog park, and the quiet area.

kids' castle with a swing in a playground

Photo via Parks Malta

And, let's not forget about the petting farm — although it doesn't feature many animals, kids will certainly enjoy interacting with real-life animals such as ducks, a horse, and the llama. What's good about the Sant' Antnin Family Park is the different passageways that can be accessed via wheelchair, all surrounded by green trees and bushes to appreciate while making your way from one level of the park to the other.


boy in a pushchair looking at a horse behind a fencePhoto by Tiziana Micallef

Salina National Park, St Paul's Bay

Stretching over a massive green area in the north of Malta, the Salina National Park is a must-visit place for outdoor fun with kids. Known also as Kennedy Grove, here you can enjoy hassle-free private parking or park on the road parallel to the stretch of green. It's easily accessible for everyone and features many pleasant paths and steps to take your kids on the discovery of different trees, beautiful greenery, the amazing freshwater stream, and the main two playgrounds.


two kids' playhouses in a playgroundPhotos via Maltatina

At the Salina National Park, there are two main playgrounds — one on the upper part and the other one at the lower part of the park. It's here where kids can try out their climbing skills, slide through colourful tunnels, reach new heights with swings, try out spring rides, and much more. The endless number of benches and picnic tables in this massive open space makes it ideal to enjoy a tranquil rest with a light homemade meal under the warm sun or grab a bite from the restaurant situated at the entrance of the park.


a wooden pathway in the middle of treesPhoto via Maltatina

Qui-Si-Sana Gardens, Sliema

Entirely overlooking the sea and dog-friendly, the Qui-Si-Sana Gardens are another nice place to take your kids before the hot summer temperatures hit. Split into two areas, the Qui-Si-Sana Gardens feature a playground for younger kids and one for older ones. They can enjoy swings, see-saws, slides, and climbing attractions, or else make their way to the mini green slopes that surround this playground and stay rolling down, play ball, or do other sorts of free play.


The Qui-Si-Sana playground completely faces the sea, which makes the ideal springtime outing for the whole family a true breeze. Plus, you won't need to carry much with you, as the area is full of shops, restaurants, and cafes where you can pause for a quick snack or meal to recharge your energy. Parking might be an issue when thinking of visiting Qui-Si-Sana Gardens since it's located in a busy area. But, no need to stress — it can be the perfect excuse to park your car some metres away and walk while your kids scoot their way to the playground along the beautiful Sliema promenade.

two kids rolling down a green slope

Romeo Romano Gardens, Santa Venera

In combining the already existing garden with brand new kids' play equipment, Romeo Romano Gardens offer a new concept of outdoor playgrounds. Whereas the norm is that playgrounds have equipment on soft surfaces, this newly renovated place has play equipment on a surface covered with wood shavings. Thus, keeping the natural feel of a garden completely alive. Spanning over 4,000m² kids can enjoy riding their bike along the pathways shaded by the different trees.


aerial view of Romeo Romano Gardens, MaltaPhoto via doi.gov.mt

Romeo Romano Gardens is a good example of staying in touch with nature while it's in full bloom during springtime. Although the playground area might not be one of the largest in Malta, it has brought much-needed green to the heart of an urbanised Santa Venera and provided a great home for stray cats. Plus, it's also great if you're looking for a playground that's not very crowded and you want to easily keep an eye on your kids. One looks forward to the second phase of renovations to start enjoying the entire garden, which also consists of an old farmhouse that shall be transformed into a learning centre focusing on the environment.

wooden playground equipment in Romeo Romano Gardens, Malta

Photo via doi.gov.mt

Rabat Playground, Rabat

The revamped playground just outside Mdina Gate is a place where many families can stop before or after having visited the old capital city of Malta and the surrounding area. You cannot miss this playground if you're passing by, and it's a great option if you're looking to plan a nice afternoon for the kids, with the main stage being the historic fortified walls.


aerial view of Mdina Gate playgroundPhoto by Planning Authority, via Times of Malta, October 18, 2021

Rabat Playground is a place where you can relax on solar-powered benches while your kids have fun trying out different attractions. Ranging from swings, slides and seesaws, to treehouses, spring toy rides, music-playing attractions and an outdoor gym, kids won't be bored. Covered entirely with colourful soft flooring, the Rabat Playground gives you also that extra peace of mind you look for when thinking about kids' safety.


Il-Gibjun Gardens, Zurrieq

Located in one of Malta's oldest towns in the south, your kids can enjoy this large seaside garden in a very holistic way. What makes il-Gibjun Gardens somewhat special is that it's not only about enjoying the pirate ship attraction and other equipment in the playground; it's an open space where your kids can run or bike safely around while enjoying unobstructed views.

playground & play pirate ship at Gibjun Gardens in Malta

Photos via Projekte Sports

In fact, its location is what truly stands out most. Situated on top of a promontory above sea level, this park provides kids and adults alike with a fun learning experience along the walking trail and the opportunity to enjoy beautiful views of Wied Babu Valley, Filfla Island, nearby villages, and spectacular peeks at charms like the Laferla Cross and Mdina.

a round swing in a playground

Photo via Projekte Sports

Covering the island from north to south, Malta has its fair share of playgrounds and parks to keep your kids active, especially during spring.

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