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Sette Giugno: Six Ways To Spend The Mid-Week National Holiday In Malta And Gozo!

by Tiziana Micallef

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Soldiers lined before Sette Giugno monument, Valletta

As Malta gears up to commemorate the Maltese popular uprising of 7 June 1919 against the profiteering merchants and the British Government, why not plan some fun activities on this national day? Falling on a Wednesday this year, you can take the opportunity to have yourself an extra special mid-week break – hopefully with the summer weather already rolling!

From indulging in food and refreshing drinks to visiting historical sites and amazing blue spots or taking a walk surrounded by beautiful greenery before summer dries it all out, we've put together six ways to make this year's Sette Giugno memorable. No matter what kind of person or mood you're into, you've got some inspiration right below.

Make It A Cultural Day

As inevitably you're mostly set on how to spend this year's Sette Giugno national holiday away from work, one must not forget the real significance and impact of this important day in Malta's journey towards independence. In fact, you can start your off day on the eve of Sette Giugno by witnessing the unfolding of the yearly event held in St George's Square in front of the Sette Giugno monument. In commemoration of the tragic event, the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition, together with the rest of Parliament Members gather to listen to the Parliament Speaker's speech, followed by the laying of wreaths at the monument's foot.

The event then continues with the sounding of the Last Post, one minute of silence, the sounding of the Reville and concludes with the playing of Malta's National Anthem. Once you've witnessed this formal commemoration you can continue with loads of other cultural activities the next day by witnessing the event in which the President of Malta lays flowers at the monument's foot and then visiting Valletta's main sites and museums, or head to other heritage places such as Mdina, Cottonera and others.

Open The Swimming Season

Sadly, the summer weather in Malta and Gozo hasn't totally kicked in. So whilst hoping that temperatures will have risen by Sette Giugno, you can take the opportunity to celebrate your first dip in the sea on this national day. It's definitely an awesome way to start June, and with the many beautiful beaches embellishing the coastline of Malta and Gozo on a 360° level, you'll definitely find the perfect spot for your first swim.

Whether you enjoy soft sandy beaches or grand rocky ones, your first swim in Malta and Gozo is set to be enchanting. To make it more interesting you could try to spend the time snorkelling or book a diving experience with one of the professional diving schools on the islands for a truly adventurous first swim.

Enjoy A Boat Trip

Embarking on a boat trip is definitely one experience not-to-be-missed if you want to upgrade your first swim or simply enjoy some relaxing time offshore. Whether booking a private charter boat or going on a general public sea trip, it's certainly worth the feeling of gliding across crystal-clear waters with the sun on your face and the sea breeze in your hair.

people on speedboat to Xlendi

Photo via www.xlendi.com

As you're looking at the horizon, you get to witness the breathtaking landscapes and natural caves Malta and Gozo have to offer and other mesmerizing spots that can only be accessed by boat. Going on a boat trip guarantees the complete buzz of observing the Maltese Islands from an exciting perspective and discovering idyllic sites you didn't know existed.

Go On A Hike

If you're the kind of person who doesn't touch the sea even when summer is literally melting your brains, enjoying a nice walk in the countryside while it's more breezy could make your Sette Giugno also fun. Both Malta and Gozo offer a variety of hiking trails and open spaces you can explore with a long walk if you're an adventurous outdoor person. And why not finalise it with a nice and relaxing picnic to enjoy a light meal while appreciating an amazing view?

People trekking on Malta cliffs

Photo via Facebook Page, Malta Treks and Explore

Additionally, you could take the opportunity to end your hike with a remedial sleep surrounded by nature under the stars to prolong this mid-week break. Don't worry if you're a camping newbie – you can check out which basic camping equipment you need to carry with you here.

Hire A Quad Bike In Gozo

It is definitely an adventurous way to discover the island of Gozo on this national public holiday. Opting for quad hire in Gozo with your group of friends or family is a must to reach some of the most beautiful gems and spots that make the island unique. Whether you opt for a guided all-day tour or not, quad biking around Gozo is pretty straightforward and no particular experience is required. You'll be able to drive on different types of terrain and off-road paths to reach remote landmarks and top beaches.

While passing from one village to the other, you can stop in Bullara Street, in Xaghra, in front of the monument dedicated to Giuseppe Bajada – the Gozitan who was killed during the 1919 riots.

Sette Giugno monument in Gozo

Photo of the monument, via Times of Malta

Go To A Restaurant

A public holiday cannot really be celebrated without great, genuine food. And undoubtedly, Malta and Gozo offer you an endless list of restaurants where to enjoy a nice lunch or dinner while you're out and about enjoying the day. From restaurants specialising in typical Maltese food to Mediterranean cuisine, and others specialising in fish or international dishes, you can easily enjoy an exquisite meal with the whole family or friends.

seafood plate infront of Valletta landscape

Photo via bookia.com

Whether you choose a seaside restaurant or a restaurant located in one of the popular old cities or quaint villages around Malta and Gozo, there's nothing better than highlighting your off day with a longer-than-usual lunch or relaxing dinner in a restaurant to conclude your day of activities. 

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