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How to join the Yellow Club and get rewarded

by Yellow

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Speaking up can make a difference - as one woman found out when she headed out to buy milk. When she got to the confectioner round the corner, the aisles were cluttered with promotional stands. She couldn’t make her way into the shop with her pushchair, inside which there was her sleeping child. She went home fuming after having to walk for 20 minutes in the heat to another shop to get milk. 

The woman shared her experience. Within a few days the aisles were cleared. The shop owner thanked her for her valuable feedback. She felt rewarded for taking action and, in the process, all other pushchair and wheelchair users benefited from this.

What does this true story show us? People’s genuine feedback, negative or positive, is always constructive. This is one of the driving values behind the Yellow Club, the only local platform allowing people to rate and review businesses. 

By sharing honest reviews, good or bad, people offer unbiased guidance to others. Their feedback also helps improve local businesses. And if this is not rewarding enough, Yellow Club members who share their views get points which they can exchange for great prizes. Here’s how the Yellow Club works. 

Join the club

Before you can start giving feedback, you need to sign up to the Yellow Club. This is free and simple. Click on the ‘Login’ section, select ‘Create Account’, fill in the required fields and hit ‘Submit’. You will receive an email with a link you’ll need to click to activate your Yellow Club account. 

And in case you’re wondering why you’re asked for details such as your full name and contact information, this is done in the name of transparency. There are no anonymous comments. All ratings and reviews are signed, making them more trustworthy. 

Share your views

You’re now in the club. So let the reviewing begin! Start by making sure you’re logged in. Find the business you want to review by typing its name in the Yellow website’s search bar. Scroll to the bottom of the business page and select your star rating. Rate the business according to various categories such as ambiance, service and value. Then write your review. You can also upload a photo of your experience at the business establishmet in question before you submit.

Your review will not appear immediately, but you will receive an email informing you that it’s been approved. 

Collect points and badges