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8 Essential fashion trends to try this winter

by YELLOW 117 Days

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Fashion trends shift constantly. This winter is no exception. Inspired by the 70s' outrageous styles, with a sprinkle of 90s' flair - it's set to be a very interesting season for the fashion industry. If you're thinking of updating your wardrobe with some trendy outfits, and you're not afraid to stand out, you'll enjoy browsing through these 8 essential winter looks!

Full on blues and reds

Blue and red are considered to be complete opposites on the Maltese colour spectrum. But this winter is bringing them together as the two ultimate stand-out colours. Thanks to London's runways, expect to see every imaginable shade of blue on the clothes racks of both luxury and high-street outlets. According to the world's top fashion designers, red is going to be the official colour of this fall. Bold and powerful, head-to-toe red outfits (including accessories) should be taking over soon enough.

Wide waist belts

Feminism is going to be truly in fashion this autumn, as big belts will be making a comeback. Embracing the female form, they act as the ideal statement piece on pretty much any sort of coat, shirt or knitwear. Take any outfit to a whole new level by strapping on a brightly coloured belt with a large buckle - that perfectly matches your outfit.

Brights 70s plaid

Checked patterns have always been fashionable. They are versatile and bring a pleasantly nostalgic flavour to the table. Vibrant plaid is going to be all the rage this season, be it on classic coats, high-waisted trousers or dresses. If you prefer going for more comfortable and casual outfits, be sure to have a few flannel shirts or oversized lumberjack coats hanging in your closet.

Victorian collars

We never really thought we'd say this in 2017, but it's about time that you owned shirts or dresses with Victorian-inspired collars. Peter Pan collars were hugely beloved up until a few years ago, and they are still a popular fashion choice even today. But now, their great-aunt from Shakespearean times is taking over.

Nylon coats

Some of this year's winter trends are all about comfort and practicality. Although coats lined with fake fur and chocolate brown-coloured suede jackets will still be in fashion, the nylon option is where it's really at. Runways worldwide are being dominated by chic yet super wearable nylon coats in several different colours, even though dark khaki shades remain the most popular. If you hate having wrinkled coats that get ruined after too much exposure to rain, you ought to grab one during your next shopping spree.

Western but modern look

Western-inspired fashion has been constantly coming and going. This trend peaked in popularity in the 90s with cowboy hats, knee-high boots, cowhide prints - you name it. Well, guess what? It's all back! This isn't going to be the season to shy away from making your mark and achieving the ultimate cowgirl get-up. As long as you don't go overboard, that is.

Vintage sofa-inspired florals

Ever looked at your grandma's sofa and thought: "Hmm, I would definitely want to see that floral design on a dress"? Now, you have the perfect excuse to wear the sofa pattern from your childhood. It's actually fashionable! Applying vintage florals to everything isn't something completely unheard of. If you've been able to pull off this look, it's good to know that you can continue getting away with it this season as well.

Glittering evening wear, including boots

Chainmail, sequins, crystals - the shinier, the better! Wearing an all-out silver dress will definitely make other people stop and take notice, not to mention glittering boots. Rihanna made glitter boots a must-have item earlier this year. As a result several designers have taken this bold fashion choice to a whole new level.

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