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7 Last minute Christmas gift ideas

by Yellow 376 Days

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We’ve all been there - left one or more Christmas gifts till the very last second. In some cases, it’s because we spent hours looking for that perfect present in vain. Other times, we were too busy to go shopping or we simply procrastinated. 

No matter that your excuse is, here are some last minute gift ideas that can save your Christmas. 

Think drink

You can never go wrong  if you buy someone more of what they love to drink recreationally. Maybe a single malt for their whisky collection, or a bottle of their favourite wine. But it need not be wine or spirits to… well… lift their spirits.

Caffeine lovers would appreciate anything coffee-related - how about a mini-coffee machine, a selection of gourmet coffee beans or a personalised mug? Similarly, tea-lovers would enjoy a range of exotic teas or a pretty tea set. 

Bejewel them