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6 Ways To Spend Jum Il-Haddiem This Year

by Chiara Micallef

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Valletta view

International Workers' Day (Jum il-Haddiem) is observed all over the world, and in some countries, it's referred to as May Day or Labour Day. It's a day with Communist and Marxist ties that commemorates workers' contributions. 

The History Behind Labour Day 

The Marxist International Socialist Congress gathered in Paris in 1889 and founded the Second International as the successor to the previous International Workingmen's Association. They agreed to hold a great international demonstration in favour of working-class demands for an eight-hour working day. 

This day is of high importance in countries which formed part of the Eastern Bloc, America, China, Vietnam, Cuba, Canada and Australia. It also coincides with the Feast of Saint Joseph – the patron saint of workers and craftsmen. While this day holds special significance in Europe and the Americas, Workers' Day celebrations happen almost all over the world. 

Here are six great ways you can spend Jum il-Haddiem.

A Day With The Kids 

romeo romano gardens malta

Gnien Romeo Romano, via doi.gov.mt

Spring is here, which means that you can start enjoying the outdoors even more than ever. If you are looking for outdoorsy activities you can embark on with your kids and zero hassle, a day at the playground is the way to go. Discover the selection of playgrounds in Malta along with national parks and green areas where you can get some much-needed fresh air.

Spend The Day In Gozo 

wied il mielah azure window gozo

Wied il-Mielah Window

From going on pleasant hikes to discovering villages and countryside walks, a day in Gozo is a surefire way to get the respite you're looking for on Workers' Day weekend. You can visit the Ta' Gurdan Lighthouse or even embark on a wondrous hike trail in one of the islands' many untouched spots. If you're brave enough, you can even go for a dip in one of Gozo's gorgeous beaches.

Organise A Camping Trip 

ahrax tal-mellieha scene

A scenic photo of the natural landscape of L-Ahrax, Megan Buttigieg 

If you're more adventurous than most of us, you could definitely organise a camping trip for Jum il-Haddiem weekend. There are numerous campsites scattered across the Maltese islands and a handful of rules you need to follow. If this is your first camping trip ever, you can easily organise a nourishing nature-focused break with Yellow's guide to camping

Discover Malta's Scenic Spots 

buskett gardens

The beautiful greenery of Buskett Gardens during the springtime, Simon Vella Gregory

If you are more interested in long walks or day-long trips out in nature, you can visit one of the many beautiful spots in Malta and Gozo, or even go on a hike. From hidden places where you can get some much-needed respite, to more popular spots you can enjoy with your whole family, a day out in one of Malta's scenic spots will surely have you feeling rested in no time. 

Explore Some Of Malta's Prettiest Towns 


zejtun crypt skulls creepy malta
Reuv1, Secret passage in Chapel of St Gregory, Zejtun, via Wikimedia Commons

Malta is known for its numerous historically-rich towns. From stunning Zurrieq full of catacombs, chapels and windmills, to breathtaking Zejtun, marvellous Mosta, Gozo's mesmerising Rabat and dazzling Xaghra, exploring Malta's towns and villages is the perfect way to unwind and discover more about our islands' rich history.

Uncover The Magical World Of Maltese Culture 

baqra cow maltese animal
Bellina 09, Man showing his prized beauty, via Wikimedia Commons

If you'd rather take it easy and have a relaxed day at home, why not use your day to learn some cool facts about Maltese culture? Malta's customs and traditions are not just about fireworks and flamboyant feasts – Our culture is also about awe-inspiring architecture and hauntingly scary folk monsters. You could also take the academic route and learn about the only Semitic language in Latin script in existence.

Discover more in Yellow's Culture section

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