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5 Haunting Maltese ghost stories

by Yellow 333 Days

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Tucked away in remote corners of this warm and sunny island, you'll find places with stories that will send chills down your spine. Many of these stories are born from Malta's rich history. But, beware! These are not tales of the past. Many apparitions are still being reported today. If you enjoy a good dose of supernatural, here are some of the most popular ghost stories set in Malta. There are many other haunted places around the island, some less known than others. One of them could very well be your neighbour's house!

The Black Knight of Manoel Island

It was a few years after the end of World War I when works started on the restoration of Fort Manoel. A group of Maltese and English workmen were busy clearing a heap of rubble, when they spotted what looked like a knight, hovering over them. The knight, from the Order of St John, seemed to be supervising their work. Some men noticed a similarity between this ghostly apparition and a painting of Grand Master Manoel de Vilhena - which still hangs in the President’s Palace in Valletta.

But what did the knight want? Why the sudden apparitions? With the permission of the Church, the men opened a crypt beneath the chapel within the fort. They found it had been destroyed by vandals. When the crypt was restored and masses were carried out, the knight stopped appearing. However, he came back in 1980. Once again investigations showed the crypt had been vandalised. Let's hope no one disturbs the crypt again! 

Verdala Palace's Blue Lady

She was a young woman. Full of hope that, one day, she would find love. But when this young woman, who was the niece of Grand Master De Rohan, was promised in marriage to a suitor she did not love, she refused to marry him. Enraged by her rejection, the suitor locked her in her room at Verdala Palace. One day, the desperate girl decided to escape. That day she was wearing a blue dress. As she climbed onto the window she fell to her death.

Since then, her troubled soul has been said to be roaming the palace - still wearing the blue dress. Many palace visitors have reported seeing her reflection in mirrors around the palace, or seeing her standing on the edge of the palace balconies - her blue gown flapping in the wind.

Mdina's headless bride

Katrina was an attractive young woman who lived in Mdina. One day she was attacked by a knight. As she fought for her life, she killed the knight. But when word spread about what had happened, Katrina was sentenced to death for what was deemed a heinous crime. She was to be beheaded. But, before being executed, she was granted one final wish. The young woman wished to be married. Soon after her wedding, she was beheaded.

Since then, many people taking photos in Mdina have reported spotting something unexpected in their photos - the figure of a headless young woman, wearing a bridal gown. 

The hitchhiking girl on the Telgha t’alla w’Ommu