What to do this Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s is right around the corner! Unsure about what to do this year round? Dinner at the same old place sounds boring? We’ve got you covered! Here are 6 activities you should consider!

Go to a fancy restaurant

Valentine’s comes around once a year so if you have a significant other in your life, you might as well splurge out. Check out a list of the fanciest restaurants in your area and treat your loved one to a night of etiquette and gourmet food.

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Cook dinner for each other

The beauty of gestures lies in the effort it takes to execute them. Challenge your hubby to a cook-off this Valentine’s and prepare a meal for one another. Alternatively, practice your trust and team-work and prepare a meal together.

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Treat yourself to a spa resort

If you’re a couple who needs some down time, maybe you should treat yourself to a spa resort. Spend the weekend in a relaxing environment and indulge in couple massages. We bet the sole thought of this gets you yearning.

Go for a picnic

Looking to celebrate Valentine’s day without hurting your pocket too much? A picnic will do the trick! Prepare some yummy sandwiches and head on out away from the crowd. Play some card games or tell each other stories to pass the time.

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Recreate your first time

Why not recreate your first date this Valentine’s round? After all, it’s what brought you together in the first place. Clone your outfit and trace back your steps to relive the moment that made you fall in love with one another. This activity is ideal to rekindle fizzling sparks.

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Anti-Valentine’s party

Not a fan of Valentine’s Day? That’s alright, we get it! Hang out with your anti valentine’s buddies or simply get on with your life as if the 14th of February was just another day. Cupid can’t please everyone every year after all.

We hope you receive all the love in the world on this special day and remember if you’re alone this Valentine’s round; you are one sexy beast nonetheless!

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