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Seven ways to de-stress after work

by YELLOW 636 Days

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We are all working longer and harder and work days seem more stressful than ever. In order to maintain as much of a work/life balance as possible we want to shake off that stress quickly so we can get on with what's really important., such as spending quality time with friends and family.
Here are seven ways you can de-stress after work.

1. Wash it all away

There is nothing like a long warm shower to wash the troubles of the day away. It makes you feel clean, relaxed and refreshed. If you work in a city or commute to work, a nice long shower washes the grime of the day away. There is nothing quite like it!

2. Go off grid

Turning off your work phone, or even your own mobile phone is a great way to leave work at work. Being out of contact is a psychologically powerful way to leave the work day behind you and a clear sign of intent towards your boss. It lets you decompress and hurts nobody as long as your family know you're doing it!

3. Get sweaty

Swapping the car or bus for a pair of trainers or a bike is a fantastic way to de-stress. Not only does exercise free your mind, it also releases endorphins for a natural high. The end result is a more relaxed and a much fitter you. You also miss traffic and get to see parts of your commute you likely miss otherwise. What's not to love?

4. Read something

You may spend all day reading or 
staring at a screen but it isn't the same as reading for leisure. Reading something you find interesting whisks the mind away from the present and takes it somewhere completely different. Everyone should read books, they are that good!

5. Play with the kids

Whether it's football in the garden, or a game on a console, spending a little time with the children playing something benefits everyone. You get time with your children, they get time with you, you relax, you all have fun. Everyone's a winner!

6. Turn it up!

Listening to music is the perfect antidote to de-stress after work. Whether it's classical, Bhangra or heavy metal, as long as it reaches parts of you other things cannot reach, all is right in the world. There is a good reason everyone wears headphones on the train or bus. Because music takes you away from the day and somewhere else completely.

7. Get a hobby

Doing something just for you, whether it's playing football or playing with model trains, can be very relaxing. There's nothing better to de-stress after work than losing yourself in something you enjoy doing. As long as it's legal and nobody gets hurt, it's all fair game!

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