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How to enjoy Malta like a tourist

by YELLOW 601 Days

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When you're a local, it's easy to underestimate your home country, especially if it's as small as Malta is. This summer, the time has come to re-discover the hidden gems Malta has to offer, to experience its beauty and learn to appreciate its history through the eyes of a tourist. Keep reading for more tips!

Visit the Three Cities

Rediscover the three fortified cities of Birgu, Senglea and Cospicua, in the south of Malta. Take a few snaps from the Gardjola, drool at all the fancy boats in the marina and take a stroll down the beautifully lit Vittoriosa waterfront by night. End the excursion with a typical Maltese platter and a bottle of wine at a quaint wine bar in the village core.

Watch a performance at the Manoel Theatre

Enjoy a cultural evening at Malta's one and only Teatru
Manoel, an architectural gem, built in 1732 by Grand Master Antonio Manoel de Vilhen – a true jewel in the Capital's crown. With performances ranging from Operas to Pantomimes, Kid's shows to Ballets, you're sure to find something that will tickle your fancy and leave you entertained.

Go snorkeling

Snorkeling is affordable AND mesmerizing. Grab a mask and snorkel from any village store around Malta and get exploring the clear waters. Hondoq Ir-Rummien, Fomm Ir-Rih, Wied Il-Ghajn, Ghar Lapsi, Comino and Gnejna Bay are recommendable spots. While you're at it, attach a waterproof camera to your head and enjoy re-living the experience from your office a week later.

Waterski or wakeboard

Do you feel the NEED for speed? If you're into the sea, salt and sunshine (and a deep and restful sleep afterwards) – this 
one's for you! Not only is this a good workout but laughs are guaranteed in the package.

Cycle around Gozo

This summer, make sure to work off some calories with a nice cycle around the hilly island of Gozo! When you're done for the day, make sure to satisfy your 
appettie and indulge in one of the many restaurants you can find on the island.

Re-visit our Temples

Haven't brushed up on your history since your last outing in Grade 5? Have you got Hagar Qim, Ggantija and Tarxien Temples all merged in your brain, rendering them indistinguishable from one another? If so, it's time to revisit the Megalithic Temples of Malta. Don't miss out on these prehistoric beauties! They haven't made it to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites for nothing.

Go zip lining

Craving an adrenaline rush? We've got you covered! Ride Malta's Fastest Zipline in Migra l-Ferha, Rabat. This 
zipline is over 50m high, and extends from one cliff top to another. Speeds may vary, making it a safe activity for children, and the perfect outing for all the family.

Check out the National War Museum

If prehistoric temples aren't the only thing you've forgotten since your history class days, here's an excuse to brush up on your war-time knowledge too. You even get to do this whilst roaming the newly renovated Fort St. Elmo!

Buy fresh fish from the market

Maltese are foodies. Pair their culinary passions with fresh findings and it's a match made in heaven. Whether it's mussels, clams, squid or a foot-long fish, the famous Marsaxlokk market will equip you for your ultimate Mediterranean feast.

Go horse riding

Nothing screams ‘fairytale' more than the vision of two lovers horse-riding out into the setting sun. Whilst we won't promise it will all be glamorous, we will guarantee it will be an experience to remember (for better or worse). Sure, your partner's horse may have irritable bowels or grace you with a whiff pungent gaseous exchange, but that can also be an excuse for you to 
canter off the beaten track with your hair flying in the wind.


If you've enjoyed zip lining and want to prolong and 
savor the experience, why not try parasailing? Soar 250 feet above the sea while you enjoy views of the bay, coastline and the Maltese scenery.

Hit the aquarium

Snorkelling's great, but what if you're feeling lazy? We've got 
your covered. Take a stroll through the national aquarium! Not only does the Malta National Aquarium house a vast array of fish species, but there's also a kid zone, the Café del Mar Reef Club, and other outstanding catering facilities for everyone to enjoy.

Check out the breathtaking open cave in Mellieha

Attempt pulling a Pocahontas and re-capturing her magnificent swan dive. The open cave of L-Ahrax Tal-Mellieha is as spellbinding in person as it is in 
picture. Don't believe us? You'll just have to see for yourself!

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