Alternative hobbies you can start

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Are you the person that just doesn’t do hobbies? We get you! If you’re looking to pick up an activity during your spare time, give one of these seven emerging trends a try.

Learn an instrument

Playing an instrument is a hobby that requires practice and dedication but the results are worth the effort. Grab an instrument and impress your loved ones with a serenade. Nowadays, learning to play an instrument is as easy as clicking on a youtube video! You have no excuses.

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Master the pole

Apart from being an extremely sensual activity, pole fitness will help you get fit while getting comfortable in your own skin. If you’re an awkward soul like us, fear not, dance like nobody’s watching.

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Star gazing

Unfortunately stargazing is not all too common in Malta due to the urbanized areas we live in but the enthusiasts exist nonetheless. Join astronomy groups on their habitual stargazing trips or buy a telescope for your own savoring. It will be an out of this world experience, we assure you.

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The good ol’ snail mail might be long gone but we’re still fans of calligraphy nonetheless. Sign up to an online class or find one in your local area. Apprehend the art of writing greeting card in picturesque calligraphy. The end result will be an eye pleaser!

Adult colouring

Remember colouring as a kid? The experience used to be a relaxing journey into neverland. Just like Peter Pan, most of us never want to grow old! Adult colouring books are a growing trend which have hit the market not long ago to serve this very purpose. Reconnect with your inner child and soothe your troubles with some early morning or mid-night colouring. Let your imagination go wild!

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Cooking is a daily activity and can get dull. Spice things up and take up cooking as a hobby. Attend a master class to pick up a few tips and tricks and bring everything you’ve learnt to the table (literally). Your taste buds and everyone who will be joining you for the meal will be thanking you by the end of the night.

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Gardening is a rising trend nowadays! Some people do it to harvest their own food and be self-sufficient, others do it to improve the environment they live in. Either way, it cannot be bad. Use your organic waste to create compost and grow your own plants. At the end of the day, you’ll get to REAP the benefits.

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Let us know what your favorite hobby is in the comment section!

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