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5 tips on how to celebrate St Patrick's Day

by YELLOW 735 Days

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St Patrick's Day is an Irish tradition that is highly celebrated in Malta. Bars are decorated, people turn into leprechauns and many pints of beers are consumed on the day. This is the time of the year where everyone turns Irish, and love it.
Here are a few ideas on how you could celebrate St Patrick's Day.

Be Green

The golden rule of St Patrick's Day is to wear at least one green item. Whether it's a green top, dress, hat, or, for the more daring ones, an actual leprechaun costume, you must wear something green in order to celebrate the day.

Have an Irish theme day at the office

Unless St Patrick's Day is on a weekend and you can afford to take the day off work, chances are you will be celebrating it at the office. Why not have an Irish theme day at the office? Create an Irish music playlist, bring some festive foods and make a "pot of gold” filled with candies and chocolate coins. Don't forget, the dress code is green.

Go to the pub

Whether it's one beer at the pub or an actual pub crawl, heading out with friends for a drink is a common way to celebrate St Patrick's Day. Many bars around the island are decorated for the occasion, and you can often find deals on beers and freebies.  Some may wish to take the challenge of visiting 17 pubs and have a beer at each one in honour of March 17th.

Organise a party

If you don't want to go out to the pubs but still wish to celebrate the date, you can always opt to organise a party with your close friends and relatives. Bake some green goodies, ask your guests to bring the beers and you are set.

Pick your ride home

All's good and fun until someone drunk gets behind the steering wheel. If you will be consuming alcohol this St Patrick's Day think twice before driving yourself and others home. There are 
many ways to get home safely after a night of drinking - have a designated driver that won't drink, ask someone to pick you up or get a taxi or cab. Remember to be responsible this St Paddy's.

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