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Storage Systems Ltd

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Storage Systems Ltd

Industrial Equipment & Supplies, Paola, Malta
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In any warehouse, utilising space effectively is the key to maximising efficiency and productivity. But the utilisation of space is something that needs to be planned, and not something that will simply happen on its own. At Storage Systems Ltd we offer a wide range of industrial equipment and supplies, as well as various storage solutions and units suited to meet the needs of busy warehouses, offices and retail environments.

Storage is an important factor in creating a working environment which is both tidy and safe. Many companies and warehouse managers think about storage in terms of products and merchandise, however it is also important to consider the storage needs of workers and visitors to your workspace.

Taking both safety and tidiness into account, one of the most important answers for creating a more stable work environment is to supply the location with storage lockers. Storage lockers are also a necessity in jobs where workers need to change into and out of uniforms, and where it is necessary to leave personal goods behind for extended periods of time. 

We have a wide variety of storage lockers available in many different styles and shapes, for all industries. These include compartment types, upright and flat lockers. Many designs are available as well which are directly suitable for particular goods such as electronic devices and business documents. 

Storage cabinets also provide a safe solution for storing goods and opening floor space. With us, customers have many options of storage cabinets to choose from in virtually any size and type. These can be used to store items of frequent use and for safekeeping. A wide variety of materials and finishes are available to suit the needs of any environment, including warehouses, offices, workshops and retail spaces. 

We are able to supply customers with storage cabinets which come with different specifications, allowing them the ability to find a solution which meets their individual storage needs. We offer fixed units, mobile units, door-less entry and even solutions which require locks. Special cabinets can also be designed by us for the purpose of storing hazardous materials and fragile goods. 

The versatility and usefulness of storage bins is also something which can be seen in offices and warehouses around the world. We have a wide selection of bins, containers, boxes and trays suitable for virtually any product, wet or dry. The containers we supply our customers with are long-lasting, highly rated for their protective abilities, and adaptable to a wide range of industries and storage needs. Our products are available in virtually limitless designs, from soft to hard, small to large. 

If your workshop involves the constant use of tools, fittings, screws and various small items for daily operations, you know how exhausting it can be to have to search for missing tools and accessories. Our exhaustive range of workshop solutions, from workbenches and drawer cabinets, to weighing scales, trolleys and metal storage units allow for maximum reliability with excellent space management capabilities. 

Our range of industrial equipment also takes into account factors such as site health and safety, stacking solutions and protection of company assets and workers with our offering of first aid kits, column guards, handrails, bollards, guardrails, anti-collapse nets, backstops and more. 

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we at Storage Systems Ltd are the leading supplier of industrial and warehousing storage solutions, equipment and supplies. Contact or visit us today to hear more about our product listing and services.

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Storage Systems Ltd
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