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Specto Ltd

Management Consultants, Balzan - Malta
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Specto Ltd

Management Consultants, Balzan, Malta
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Learn all about Specto Ltd, Management Consultants in Balzan - Malta

Specto Ltd, offers consultation and training, for companies in all sectors who wish to optimise their waste disposal systems, and empower employees to value the importance of waste management. 

Services also include solutions for waste management, with overseas partners and plants that deal in the destruction of hazardous waste.

Saving our planet is not something that can be done at one go, we need to be a part of the solution and start making changes. It is a ripple effect and it starts with you. People are more aware today than ever, about waste management and how much damage unethical disposing of waste can be. At Specto Ltd aim to impart our knowledge when it comes to ethical waste disposal, and we thought the best way to start is with local enterprises.

We have been in the business for seventeen years, working hard towards a time where everyone will be aware they are throwing in the garbage and are more conscientious about how they do it.

First and foremost we teach our clients that before we start recycling it is important to reduce and reuse whenever it is possible. We do our best to teach clients that before throwing something away you should think and see if someone else might have a use for it and maybe the client might actually use it for something totally different, in this way he is reducing waste and reusing it at the same time.

We offer a vast range of services when it comes to waste management and we offer technical advice to local enterprises in order for them to move forward with a practical approach in keeping with our beliefs that customers need viable solutions that are at attractive commercial basis. We will then arrange to have the waste packed and sent to authorised disposal sites accordingly.

Many do not understand the importance of the right waste management procedures, but that is why we will help you understand and implement these procedures within your business. Contact us for more information about our services, be part of the solution with us and help us save our planet.

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Specto Ltd
36 Manol Mansions, Flt 6 Vjal De Paule ,
Balzan Malta BZN 9022
99 477 295
[email protected]
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