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Royal Motoring School

Attard, Malta | Schools-Motoring

We specialise in driving lessons from professional instructors with a reputation for reliability. At Royal Motoring School you will not only learn how to drive properly, safely and attentively. Start your journey with us today!

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Rudolph Motoring School

B’Kara, Malta | Schools-Motoring

At Rudolph Motoring School we offer tuition for all driving licenses. We offer a door to door pick up and our cars are fully air conditioned, with twin-power steering and a full-dual pedal system. Visit us at our offices for any queries.

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Olivia Anne Driving School

Qormi, Malta | Schools-Motoring

If you are looking to gain experience, knowledge and confidence on the road, we at Olivia Anne Driving School are the perfect choice for you. We will teach you all the ins and outs of driving along with road safety and confidence.

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Cycle World Ltd

Sta Venera, Malta | Schools-Motoring

Whether you are a beginner or not, the first step to do to learn how to drive a motorcycle is to go on Cycle World Ltd site and book driving courses. We provide different types of driving licenses for every levels.

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Drivewell Motoring School

Mellieha, Malta | Schools-Motoring

At Drivewell Motoring School you will learn how to safely and confidently drive a car in no time! We cover Category B for both manual & automatic cars, as well as Category C & C+E. Learn more about our school and professional tutors.

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Philip's Motoring School

Zebbug, Malta | Schools-Motoring

Contact Philip’s Motoring School for a quality motoring school that will provide you with great service and will help you pass tests for all kinds of car and motorbike licenses. We also provide you with the 125 cc 10 hours scheme.

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PRO Driving Tuition

Gudja, Malta | Schools-Motoring

If you are striving towards getting your license for autonomy, independence and freedom, we at PRO Driving Tuition are here for you. Through our detailed lessons you will not just learn how to drive a car efficiently, but also how to do so safely.

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Miriam Driving Schools

Victoria-Gozo Gozo | Schools-Motoring

We are a family-run motoring school situated in Gozo. Catering to all types of driving licences including manual or automatic cars, motorcycles, trucks and trailers. Highly patient and friendly instructors and fully-equipped cars with dual controls.

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Mangion Motoring School

Fgura, Malta | Schools-Motoring

We have over 50 years of experience in teaching students how to drive. We have qualified and patient instructors as well as the highest pass rate in Malta. Both manual or automatic transmission cars available. Door-to-door pickup and flexible hours.

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Pierre Motoring School

Naxxar, Malta | Schools-Motoring

Professional and reasonably priced driving tuition for all areas on the island. We will help you pass your test while ensuring that you are ready to drive safely on the road. Offering tuition for all types of licences including for special needs.

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Rixu Motoring School

Sta Venera, Malta | Schools-Motoring
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Attard's Motoring School

Zebbug, Malta | Schools-Motoring

At Attard’s Motoring School we are here to teach pupils with excellent communication skills and patience, people of any age and gender. Preparing them to get on the road having the basic knowledge & safety skills of how situations should be handled.

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Psaila Motoring School

Siggiewi, Malta | Schools-Motoring

We have years of experience in training students how to drive. You will not only pass your test, but you will also learn key knowledge in staying safe on the road. Affordable prices and free registration. 2 free lessons at the end of your course.

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Carlo's Motoring School

Hamrun, Malta | Schools-Motoring

Keen on obtaining your driving license? We provide manual and automatic cars with AC, power steering and full dual controls with a male or female instructor. Our main priority is safe and proper driving. We have several first time passes. Book now!

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Attard, Malta | Schools-Motoring

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Motoring Schools in Malta and Gozo

Interested in obtaining a driving licence? Want to start a new chapter of your life on four or two wheels? Choose one of the numerous driving schools in Malta and Gozo and you'll be guided on how to pass the final driving test, and more importantly, trained in acquiring lifelong driving skills. Safety should be the top priority and you'll learn how to drive with the utmost caution every day, anytime and anywhere. Any licence you wish to obtain, be it a car licence, minibus, coach, truck or motorcycle licence, driving schools can help you achieve your dreams.

Licence categories

Local motoring schools can guide you in acquiring the licence of your choice, as long as you're 18 years of age or more, in the case of motorcycles. Most popular tuitions offered are for manual and automatic cars (category B) and motorcycles (category A). The latter category branches into several classifications. You can choose to train for an AM, A1, A2 or A motorbike category.

With an AM licence, you can drive a 50cc moped, the A1 category enables you to ride on a bike of up to 125cc and under 11kw and the A2 one allows you to drive a bike with no particular engine capacity but with less than 35kw power. For the latter, you need to be 20 years of age. If you're more inclined in sitting for the A category, you'd be able to drive any motorbike with any engine capacity. You need to be 24 years of age to apply for this category, or else be a holder of an A2 licence for two years.

The Maltese Government has also introduced a scheme whereby an individual holding a category B licence, can follow a 10 hour course to acquire a motor scooter licence. This permit allows you to ride a bike with an engine capacity of less than 125cc, but restrains you from carrying a pillion rider. Additionally, this permit is only valid locally.

Apart from these popular categories, some motoring schools offer driving lessons for heavy goods vehicles over 3500kgs with a trailer not exceeding 750kg (category C) and with a trailer exceeding 750kg (category C + E). In order to drive minibuses and coaches with more than 8 seats, a category D driving licence is required and you'd be required to have at least 1 year experience with a category B licence to train on these larger vehicles.

Driving Lessons

When booking car driving lessons, you can choose between a manual and an automatic car, depending on the licence you want to acquire. If you obtain a manual licence, you'll be able to drive both car types. If at any time you don't feel comfortable driving a specific car type, you can change from manual to automatic or vice versa any time. The cars used by motoring schools are generally equipped with air conditioning, and may have twin power steering and a dual pedal system for your peace of mind. Certain schools offer you the possibility of choosing whether to learn with a qualified male or female instructor. The duration of a driving lesson varies according to the motoring school; it may last from 30 minutes up to an hour. If you wish to accelerate the learning process, you may also be able to book double lessons.

Some car driving schools offer pick up from requested locations in an endeavour to reduce inconveniences and lessons can be carried out during all hours of the day. This gives you the opportunity to experience different traffic conditions, both in daylight and in the dark.

If, for any reason, you feel you need to change the driving school you're training with, you can freely choose to do so any time.

Motorcycle lessons

When attending motorcycle lessons, you'll be provided with all the necessary equipment such as protective gloves, a high reflective vest and a crash helmet by the motorcycle school. From your end, you need to make sure you show up with the appropriate clothing to protect yourself in case of any incident which may befall you. Protective jackets, long jeans or trousers and boots are a must.

Motorbike lessons usually start taking place in a safe parking area in the beginning. You'll start on a 125cc scooter and then proceed to 125cc, 400cc and 600cc motorbikes with manual transmissions if you're aiming for a category A licence. After learning all the necessary manoeuvres (which will be tested during the practical test) and show good control and balance on two wheels, lessons will be switched to public roads and you'll be able to communicate via a radio system while driving.

How do you obtain a driver's licence?

To start driving lessons you must be 18 years or over and residing in Malta for more than 6 months. Search for a motoring school which seems suitable to what you're expecting. Do ask around and check which ones are the most renowned. When you've selected a school, you'll be required to apply for a learner's permit. You need to fill in an application, provide a medical certificate, passport photos and a copy of your ID card. The permit will be issued by Transport Malta and would be valid for three years. Once the learner's permit is in hand, you can commence your driving lessons.

There isn't a specified number of lessons you have to follow to sit for the test. The number of lessons you take depends on your individual driving skills and ability to learn. The driving instructor will determine whether you're prepared by monitoring your vehicle control, manoeuvres and road/pedestrian awareness. If you succeed in driving in all weather and traffic conditions, you'll most probably be advised to sit for the test.

Before sitting for the practical test, you must complete a theory test which can be done any time while learning. Most motoring schools provide their students with studying material on the Highway Code and sample tests to help them prepare for the test. It's a multiple choice computer based exam which will only take a few minutes to complete. Once you pass, you can then apply for the practical driving test. When the tutor applies for your practical test, it may take several weeks until a test date is issued. If all goes well, you may be a proud licence owner within a month.

But worry not! Here is how you can get your driving licence hassle-free.


There are various fees which you need to consider when applying for a licence. Car driving lesson prices generally vary from 10-15 euro per lesson, depending on its duration. Pricing will vary from one school to another and according to the type of vehicle you're learning on. Heavy vehicle tuitions would generally be more expensive than car lessons. Apart from lesson fees, you need to pay for the application for the learner's permit and the theory and practical tests.

Discover the wide range of motoring schools listed on Yellow and obtain the driving licence you want with the help of qualified tutors and local professional schools.


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