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  • Closed Now

Brass & Knuckle

Naxxar, Malta | Restaurant Guide-Steak Houses
  • Open Now

Tex Mex American Bar & Grill

Sliema, Malta | Restaurant Guide-Steak Houses
  • Closed Now


Marsa, Malta | Restaurant Guide-Steak Houses
  • Closed Now

Wood & Coal

Attard, Malta | Restaurant Guide-Steak Houses

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Steakhouses in Malta

Discover steakhouses all around Malta and Gozo. Sort by location and your preferences and find websites, photo galleries, and contact information.

Service at steakhouses in Malta
Some steakhouses offer online booking options, available through the website or Facebook page. If not, Yellow provides phone numbers and emails. Most steakhouses recommend booking, especially during high-season and in touristic areas, such as St. Julian’s, Valletta and Sliema. Any additional pieces of information, such as parking facilities should be mentioned on the website as well. Usually, steakhouses publish their menus on the websites, with or without prices. Maltese steakhouses offer a variety of different types and styles of steaks, including options popular worldwide, such as rib-eye steak and filet mignon.

The first Chophouse was established in London in the 1690s. A fun fact is women were allowed to dine at steakhouses only from 1921. As much as things have changed since then, some principals have remained the same. Steak usually refers to beef or pork meat but it can also be used as a reference for fish meat. All the kinds can be found in Malta. 
Meat lovers know the delight of a perfectly cooked steak. What makes eating it a great experience? We can start with the externals like the place you eat it at. From American-styled restaurants to more modern or luxurious places, the vibes can bring a new experience to dining. Malta offers both possibilities, the interior of the steakhouse can be checked thanks to the photo gallery or the website of the restaurant. The type of meat and the way it’s prepared and cooked obviously have the biggest impact. If during preparation and cooking at least one step isn’t done correctly, the dish won’t taste as it’s supposed to. 

Types of steaks
Types of steaks describe where the meat was sliced from. There are several types like filet mignon which comes from tenderloin and is considered the most tender type of steak. Chateaubriand also comes from tenderloin and is prepared with tarragon, lemon juice, and butter. Rib-eye steak as the name suggests is sliced from ribs, very popular and appreciated for its rich taste. Regardless of the type of the meat, steaks should be sliced perpendicular to the muscle fibres, with or without a bone. Many steakhouses in Malta publish their menus online, with an explanation about the meat type and preparation. Some online menus might include prices.

After deciding the type of meat, it’s time to choose the cooking preferences. Steaks are usually grilled but can be also pan-fried or boiled. The most popular doneness levels are rare, medium and well-done. The scale is bigger, though. For the true steak lover, the differences can be very important. The additional points on the scale are blue rare, medium rare and medium done. They illustrate how temperature and timing make a difference in taste. If it’s not mentioned on the menu, discuss with the waiter how you want your steak, most steakhouses in Malta should adjust to the clients’ preferences.
There are various approaches to the preparation process. Some enjoy just simple spices like salt, pepper and maybe a pinch of paprika. To judge the tenderness of meat, herbs and spices are indeed not important. However, there are also marinated and specially prepared steaks which aid in bringing out the richer taste of the meat. 

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